Seven Samurai

This movie is the reason we have The Magnificent Seven and Bug’s Life. It’s the original ‘lets recruit some heroes to help us’ movie. it’s a great movie, I love the story of it all. It is a bit long though, nearly 3 and a half hours long. I could see scenes or parts of scenes that could have been cut but I think that may be just me. But it is a great movie, don’t let the time fool you.

I warn you, this review may be a bit pants. I just watched ‘Invictus’ with my parents [my dad loves rugby and has wanted to see this movie for a long time, and Morgan Freeman as Nelson Mandela is perfect] after watching this and for some reason I’m completely knackered [tired, to you Americans]. I feel like I’ve played a rugby match, not sat on my arse for over 5 hours [combination of the two films, Invictus doesn’t last 5 hours! Lol].

  • The opening credits could be boring as its just writing and no imagery but I think that the Japanese writing looks like art, its so beautiful!
  • This movie gets straight to the point and then drags the rest out. We know straight away that there is a village of peasants who are severely bullied by a gang of bandits, through some lines of dialogue from the bandits themselves and the villager’s helpless reactions and depression. Then they take a while to find the samurais then even longer to set up the defense and then ever longer to beat the bandits. I suppose its all realistic but the change of pace is a bit misleading.
  • The Elder Man says this when talking about hiring samurai with food; “Even bears come down from the mountains when they’re hungry.” I love this line, so much!
  • I really hate that samurais demand pay, even from peasants, where’s the honor in that?! Unfortunately, most of the samurai in this film are like this; they demand pay, they take the peasant’s women, they’re violent to the people they’re ‘protecting’ and normally only do it for honor. Its because of this that most peasants are terrified of samurai which sucks because the ones that left the village in search for ‘heroes’ found 7 samurai that would work for food and honor but the peasants are still terrified and don’t give a warm welcome. Sorry, that was a bit of a long sentence for something that probably doesn’t make sense!
  • I love the way the ‘head samurai’ [the first to accept the peasant’s plea] finds out who the peasants should hire. He gets his ‘apprentice’ to stand behind the door and attack the samurais that enter; a true samurai does not get hit.
  • One of the samurai is a cocky and is clearly one of the many samurai that do it purely for glory. However, even though you want to smack him most of the time, there are moment when you can see his heart is- actually, no, I’d say that there are no moments when you see his heart is in the right place because you could constantly argue that all his actions are for his own benefit and fame. Oh, wait, there is one moment when you feel for the samurai because you find out why he’s the way he is; he’s holding the crying infant of a woman who’s been killed by the bandits [who also killed her husband] and he starts crying, and saying “this baby! This is what happened to me!”
  • I loved that even though the women of the village are scared shitless, once one of the bandits fall off their horse, they chase him with sticks and beat him [though screaming hysterically as they do so]. I think it was good that the director gave women a little bit of power in this movie, which is incredibly rare for a Japanese film.
  • Ewww!!! COCKY!Samurai is fighting without underwear on!! Does he not worry that ‘it’ might get chopped off?!
  • Most of this movie is good, but the stabbing and slashing is just laughable. There’s no blood, no marks, its like 6 year olds playing with foam swords.
  • One of the last shots [actually, I think it was the last one] is of the graves of those who died in the battle. They’re on a hill and the samurai graves are at the top with their swords sticking into the ground. I don’t know what it is about a mound [thanks dad] with a samurai sword in it that is so honorable and sad.
  • 182/212 – 30 TO GO!!!


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    1. This is a great film. Did you realize that the samurai decided to help the peasants in spite of the fact that they discovered that the peasants murdered wayward samurai to steal their armor for money? That was why the peasants had that samurai armor stashed away. They would murder lonely samurai who were fleeing battle. That is one of the main aspects of this film, that even though the samurai knew the peasants had done these things they still decided to help them.

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