My Darling Clementine

This film seems pretty ordinary to me. It doesn’t really have any ‘bizang’ to it. I’ve seen far better Westerns. Its about this guy and his brother gets killed so he becomes the marshal of a town to hunt the people who killed his brother down.

  • The cattle is gone! And the music literally goes ‘dun dun duuuuuuuun!’
  • You can’t kill people off in the first 10 minutes because we don’t know enough or care enough about them when they do die. Unless, of course, the reaction to his death is incredibly emotional which, in this film, it wasn’t. It just didn’t work for me, I didn’t feel sorry for him and therefore didn’t join the main characters and they wanting for revenge.
  • Cowboys don’t drink champagne, that’s just weird!
  • Shakespeare in a Western? Really?! Nice to see an Englishman in a Western who wasn’t a bad guy, though…
  • Clementine is beautiful and so sweet. However, she doesn’t make a big enough impact on this movie to make the title.
  • “I swear I can smell the honeysuckle!” “That’s me…” haha I did love that they took the piss because a western character was wearing perfume!
  • I knew it was the family at the beginning who did the killing and stealing, so why do they bother trying to make us think its someone else? It wasn’t done right and therefore felt pointless.
  • So yeah, as you can see, I didn’t feel it was that great of a movie. Fair play if you do but I really didn’t think it was worth being in Empire’s Top 500.




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