On The Waterfront

This film is about Marlon Brando, a mob and shipping. It’s a good movie but I don’t see why it won so many Oscars. I know it’s a classic and all that but it never gripped me. I love the romance because I’m a sucker for the bad boy/goodie-goodie two shoes girl thing. However, I feel that you can’t have a romance storyline like that overshadowing a gangster storyline. In my opinion, it over shadowed it, immensely. I do love a good gangster movie [that’s why I’m so excited to finally finish this challenge because I’ll finally get to see Godfather for the first time] but there wasn’t much to it. I didn’t feel much fear to the mob at all. It just didn’t work for me. It is, however, a good movie and I can appreciate why its in so many people’s top movie lists.

  • Tough guy is actually kind of sweet, awwww, that’s what we girls like!
  • I did want to slap the blond at one point. She wanted to stay but her parents worked every day to get her to school. She did say she was grateful for it all but clearly not grateful enough to actually go through with it and not waste her parent’s time and effort which looks like it left them in poverty.
  • Marlon Brando did some good acting, not the best I’ve seen but good enough. I do love, however, that in one scene with our couple, you can see the pure love that is in Brando’s eyes. I think that’s one of the marks of a brilliant actor; when your eyes do the talking.
  • The music is too dramatic and borderlines being comical.
  • The dead brother scene was horrible to watch. I kept thinking about my brother and how horrible it would be to see my own brother like the brother on the screen. I’d go mad with revenge too.
  • The Priest in this movie drinks like a fish and smokes like a chimney. Tut tut.
  • Sorry, some crap notes there but… I don’t know, it looked like sloppy work to me. I’m sorry, this is purely my opinion and I’m sure there are millions out there who truly admire this movie and fair play, we all see movies differently. So I wouldn’t judge this film on my opinion, maybe you will see the excellence of it!




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