Gone With The Wind

I’ve said this a couple of times and I’ll say it again, dramas should NOT be longer than 3 hours! 2 ½ hours is just about bearable but a film stops feeling like a film after that. I said this about a Dances with Wolves and The Last Mohican, that they’re so long they start to feel like a TV show omnibus. Directors need to stop hogging their footage and think about the audience for once.

That’s not to say that this movie is bad because it isn’t, just like the other films I mentioned. It’s a good, classic film. Its about this spoilt brat in 1861 and how she’s in love with this guy but hasn’t told him and he’s going to marry his cousin [gross, I know, but it was all the fashion back then] and then the American Civil War happens and then they have to deal with the aftermath of it all [seeing as they were on the loosing side and therefore had to rebuild their lives] and some love stuff. Sounds lame but its not that bad. Its not amazing and I probably won’t watch it again but its not terrible.

  • The opening credits are beautiful, the director really abused the Technicolor as he shows all the different aspect of nature and country life.
  • The dresses are gorgeous but a little over the top but I guess that’s what it was like back then. The poor actresses looked like they couldn’t breath or move in those gigantic things but they managed to!
  • The use of silhouettes against sunrises and sunsets is stunning, so beautiful.
  • The main character, Scarlett, is an annoying little spoilt brat and continues to be for a majority of the film. I found myself really disliking her and therefore enjoying her having to go from rich to rags.
  • I loved that the writers clearly mock the old ways and traditions, like these ladies talking, in disgust, that a woman went for a walk with a man without a chaperone and wasn’t asked to be married! Thank God its not like that anymore.
  • I hate seeing how white people were to black people back in those days. I hate seeing them as slaves, it makes me so ashamed to be white. The white ladies in this film are all ordered by the men to take an afternoon nap so all of them go up stairs [there’s about 30 of them!] and they lay in bed in their perfect clothes whilst the poor black girls fan them with a fan made of peacock feathers.
  • Clark Gable doesn’t quite look right as a sexy man… his mustache makes him look like a Disney villain.
  • I did laugh out loud a couple of times, which made me like this movie a little more. There was one line which cracked me up; Red [Gable] said that the South were going to loose to the North if there ever were to be a civil war and therefore had to leave the room filled with men, cigars and brandy. He went to the library and was asleep on a sofa, unknown to Scarlett who was having an argument with Ashley, the man she loves. Scarlett is so angry when Ashley doesn’t say he’ll marry her that she throws a vase at the wall. Red pokes his head out from the sofa and goes “has the war started?” Sorry, it may not seem funny in writing but it is funny on screen.
  • I hated seeing the characters [and extras] looking so rich and extravagant considering there was a war going on. However, it does take a rapid turn as the war gets worse and then we see them in rags and the true effect the civil war had on people. I was worried that they were going to gloss over it all but they didn’t, far from it.
  • Melanie is the sweetest, kindest character I’ve ever seen in movies. She only thinks good of those around her and its so sweet of her. Makes Scarlett look a million times worse. Especially when Melanie is a nurse and treating the wounded and Scarlett is bored and wants to go home.
  • BABY! Two cute little babies in this movie! However, one was clearly a doll at one point but whatever.
  • I didn’t like the portrayal of most of the black slaves as they were all acting like they were very unintelligent, maybe even have mental disabilities.
  • Scarlett isn’t the only spoilt brat. All her sisters are too. However, Scarlett manages to redeem herself as she can adapt to this new, poor life [well, at least she can hide it] whereas her sisters are constantly moaning and whining about having to work.
  • My mouth did open with shock when everyone had a hissy fit over Scarlett and Ashley hugging. I’ll say it again, thank God we’re not like that anymore!!
  • “Maybe you’ll have an accident.” Oooo. One of the most evil lines I’ve ever heard.
  • “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.” Oooo. One of the best lines I’ve ever heard. I just love that line. Probably even more so because they used it in Mock the Week [UK comedy panel show], I think it was either Hugh Dennis or Frankie Boyle who said “Thank you for calling BT. Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.” English people will get that >.<
  • It is good and you’ll probably only watch it once but it’s a good one. I recommend it if you really want to see it or are studying light in films.




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