A Clockwork Orange

I oddly really liked this movie! I feel like I can appreciate the filmmaking and editing that went into it. Obviously the violence and rape are never easy to watch but with the right music, it can become a great scene. Not great as in what’s happening in the scene is great because its far from it but the way its shot makes it a great cinematic scene… I’m not really helping myself here, am I! Its hard to explain unless you watch this film with an open mind.

Suppose that wasn’t the best opening paragraph either… The film follows Alex and his gang of ‘droogs’ and their little tour of violence and rape. Then Alex gets caught, taken to prison and under goes a ‘rehab’ via psychological conditioning. Then he’s released upon the world, not being able to do bad and karma continues to kick him up the arse. Basically.

  • I knew about Alex’s eye make-up and ‘costume’ before I’d ever seen the film. I remember seeing it in random things but mainly Rupert Grint [Ron Weasley in Harry Potter films] dressing up as him for Halloween. The costume is very iconic and you can see why. You’ve seen costumes like it but at the same time its like nothing you’ve ever seen before.
  • The way the beginning is shot [before Alex is captured], almost shows the violence and rape as happy times thanks to the choice of music. The music is almost a happy tune so we know the gang doing it all is happy and loving it. However, we as human beings know that what they are doing is beyond terrible. The way the film is shot does not change your view on these horrible acts. In fact, I think it heightens them because it shows us how truly horrifying it is. We know its wrong even those there’s happy music. Ooooo there’s a film studies word for this… when the music is the opposite to what the feeling is on screen… oooo what is it!!! Dammit, I wish I’d now kept my film notes from A Levels! OMG no wait! I still have it! Hurrah! Its called contrapuntal sounds! There we go. I’m happy now. Anyways, this is used throughout, and even more so when Alex singing ‘Singing in the Rain’ all joyful and happy, just as he’s preparing to rape someone. It’s a very good technique that never fails to get the hairs on the back of your neck raised.
  • The fight scene was a bit weird and too choreographed for my liking but the group is presented as more theatrical personalities that most.
    The bar set was very interesting because obviously with the rape, the women are treated like objects to the group but in the bar, they actually are objects. The tables are in the shapes of naked women in provocative positions, even the drink dispenser objectifies women. Its incredibly clever and almost practically takes the piss out of womanizers.
  • I love the way Alex speaks because its so theatrical, and yet northern. Its like he’s performing Shakespeare to us but he flows in and out of modern day dialogue to Elizabethan.
  • Alex is a school boy?! Really?! Blimey… that puts things into perspective a bit. Obviously, I’m not saying that what he and the gang have done is OK to do as adults because its clearly not but to do it whilst still in school is deeply unnerving.
  • For some bizarre and twisted reason, I felt really sorry for Alex. After all the battery and rape he’d done, I still wanted to hug him when his so-called friends ratted him out, when they tortured him via ‘therapy’ and then everything after that! I feel bad for feeling that about him but I did. I wonder if that was the director’s intention…
  • Alex pretends to be good and religious in prison but we see into his deranged mind that he’s still the same sick, twisted git he always was.
  • “SHUT YOUR FILTHY HOLE YOU SCUM!” Just the fact that the officer shouts this and that its something my dad and brother have, jokingly, said a couple of times at football/soccer players.
  • The actual therapy is really hard to watch! Not because of the films that Alex has to watch as part of his ‘therapy’ but because of the lid lockers! They’re actually hooked to his eyelids!!! I kept blinking and having to look away and my eyes getting all watery! It was horrible! Suppose that’s the audience’s ‘therapy’.
  • I did wonder whether the ‘therapy’ would work because Alex is so good at covering his true feelings and beliefs up that I just didn’t know if he had changed or not!
  • Don’t let the violence and rape fool you. Yes, its horrible but… oh, I can’t describe it without sounding horrible! Its not all bad, is what I’m trying to say. Erm… ergh, I just can’t find the words that won’t make me sound like I support violence and rape, which I really don’t. It is a very good film, please trust me on this one. Obviously its not for young eyes, at all. Or those who have experienced what I’ve mentioned. But it is good.




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