Meh. I jumped a few times and the set is awesome but that’s about it. Its too slow for my liking.

For those who hadn’t figured out by the name, this movie is about people in space and an alien comes aboard and he’s not a friendly alien.

  • The opening credits are incredibly slow and boring. This turns out to be a recurring theme. The director tries to create tension with large scenes having no music and very little dialogue which is supposed to make us go “OMG didn’t see that coming!” when the alien appears but instead makes us go “finally, something’s happening…” which you really don’t want in a horror/thriller/thing. EDIT: However, after reading & replying to some comments on this post [thank you very much MYMHM, Geeky Fem, moviesandsongs365 and JOnKEnna for taking the time to comment!], I have learnt that the reason I have this view on the suspense scenes is because I was distracted by my brother’s texting [*smacks her brother*] and me and my mum talking to each other, trying to figure out what the characters are saying. So, I recommend you watch this movie in a setting and with people that are least likely to distract you. It will only work if your mind doesn’t wander and you don’t go up for a pee break.
  • The sound quality is terrible! Me and my mum can to explain to each other what we’d heard. We’d heard different things but managed to piece it all together in the end but most of what the actors say is inaudible.
  • You can tell this is a 70s film because a majority of the crew is smoking. No one is supposed to smoke in space! What the hell?! Also, mum pointed out that the black guy is always eating, which feeds to stereotype a little.
  • The cat did some great acting, though! Very good cat acting.
  • We analyzed some of the scenes in this movie in film studies so I kept pointing out to my mum about all the hidden ‘sex’ that was in this movie, like the fact the alien looks like a penis with teeth, the scientist guy gags the woman with a newspaper in a sexual way and its insinuated that the alien rapes one of the girls before killing her. However, this could just be my teacher reading into things too much but the fact the main lady at the end strips to her underwear does kind of prove my teacher’s theory.
  • Why would they design and create a self-destruct thing that takes ages to get to work!?
  • I would probably recommend you don’t read the remainder of this review unless you’ve seen the movie because it will give away certain things that you don’t want to know if you haven’t seen it before.

  • I thought it was incredibly clever that they heightened the tension of the alien by having the crew not be able to kill it because it’s blood burns through the ship. Very clever.
  • Mum and I both agreed that it was good of them to leave the black guy and two women to be the last ones to live because normally they’re the first to die and it’s the strong ‘captain’ that lives. When the captain did die, I was a bit like “oh, so he’s not going to be the survivor… so anyone can die!” but I only thought that for about 5 seconds then I was just waiting for something to happen again.
  • The scientist guy is a robot?! Really?! That’s just bullcrap, seriously…
  • 172/212



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    1. I always get so excited when someone discovers one of my favorite films, then get so disappointed when they don’t like it…

      Alien is still something of an odd duck, even in it’s own series of films. Aliens is something of a horror/action flick, and we’ve become much more comfortable with that in the world of sci-fi. Alien however is one of the few successful horror suspense/thrillers in sci-fi.
      Suspense is always going to exist on a superfine bubble of suspension of disbelief. The slightest twitter, or chuckle, even a comment made during a potentially stressful moment will pop that bubble. It’s why I think Paranormal Activity worked so much better in theaters than in homes…
      Alien also has the sci-fi issues to contend with unfortunately, so it’s easy to let the movie get away from you when watched casually. Having seen the re-release in theaters, I can guarantee, that with no lights to turn, no one to laugh with or comment with, and no where to go but watch, Alien still packs quite a punch.

      The sexual overtones are by design. The entire movie is about violation. Violation of our space, of our comfort, of our safety, even of ourselves. The slow build serves to let us build up our defenses again, only to have them torn down again by further escalations of violation.

      Don’t forget that this was a time period of sci-fi realism, largely inspired by films like 2001. It’s an aesthetic we’re only just now returning to with films like “Moon”.

      Sorry you didn’t like it. Maybe check out Aliens if you haven’t already. James Cameron completely redefined sci-fi action with that film.

      • Suspense is always going to exist on a superfine bubble of suspension of disbelief. The slightest twitter, or chuckle, even a comment made during a potentially stressful moment will pop that bubble. “

        I see what you mean… that’s probably why I didn’t jump as often or get filled with suspense because 1. my brother was constantly on his goddamn cell texting and 2. me and my mum did exchange ‘notes’ so that’s probably what ruinded it for me. I’ll give it another go some other time, alone.

        I shall be watching ‘Aliens’ soon ^_^ xoxo

        PS: Thanks for viewing my blog!!

    2. I second MYMHM here. I also liked the Alien movie very much. Why don’t you like it? 🙂

      • I didn’t like it for the reasons I mentioned in the review. It sucks coz I know loads like this movie but unfortunately it just didn’t work for me but like I said to MYMHM, I will probably have to watch it alone with nothing to distract me and then maybe I’ll be on the edge of my seat.

        It is a good movie and stuff but I felt little suspense.



    3. I disagree about the anticipation scenes, I think that’s what makes the movie suspenseful. As opposed to cgi monsters, etc.

      Hitchcock was the master of creating edge of your seat suspense, for example “The Birds” (there is a new thread about this at ‘M Carter at the movies’)

      • I love the fact that there is little CGI in this and that the alien isn’t CGI, I think there’s nothing better than real aliens [CGI aliens look like CGI aliens and ruin it all].

        I remember my mum saying that ‘The Birds’ scared her and it takes a lot to scare my mum! I don’t really like being scared but I may give that film a go.


    4. Sorry but I also disagree. Its undoubtedly because you got distracted that you didn’t get the suspense. Some movies you just have to watch properly. Its like books; some you can skim read but others you really have to concentrate. A lot of people find concentration difficult these days because we’re all too used to adverts every 5 seconds. If you put in the effort though, you get the rewards. The only thing I didn’t like in Alien though is the stomach eruption scene. That looked fake in 1979 and it looks hilarious now. Its the one scene where we get to see things clearly and it totally doesnt work. Ian Holm as the robot though, I absolutely loved. P.S. love your reviews

      • That’s what I said in my reply to MYMHM, that the reason I wasn’t jumping is because I got distracted by my brother’s constant texting & me and my mum talking to each other as we tried to work out what they were saying. One day I will watch it again, completely alone and with nothing to distract me.

        I thought the stomach eruption scene was a bit funny too, I actually found myself going “aww! Cute alien!” lol

        Thank you for liking my reviews!

      • Yeah.
        I would say the two scenes that have aged the least gracefully are the chest burst and the head on the table activation scene…

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