E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

We all know the storyline. I would say a majority of you have see this movie. However, you may be the small minority, like myself, who have never seen it. I know. Its quite bad of me. But sorry, I was just never that interested in it. And… I’m sorry to say that I didn’t find it to be that amazing. The ride at Universal Studios was better than the movie. Please don’t hate me for this. I think I’m just the wrong generation for this or something, I don’t know. I know there are people my age and maybe younger who like it but that’s what I’m going to blame it on so please don’t hate me! I do have some notes… if you’d care to read… if you haven’t already clicked the ‘x’ in anger.

  • At the beginning, you can tell that alien = good and adult humans = bad thanks to the music. I loved that the government and teacher’s faces weren’t shown for a majority of the movie. I wish it had stayed like that because it really made me go “go, kids, go”.
  • The lighting in this is incredibly good, this is the basic handbook of what you can achieve with lighting.
  • Little Drew Barrymore is the only reason I’d watch this film again, she’s the cutest thing ever and was a great actress even then!
  • ET looks like an old man and sounds like a car with a fur ball. They could have been a tad more imaginative but oh well. About half way through I realized what he looks like… the ants in Antz.
  • I remember an episode of South Park which was basically all about how Spielberg and Lucas ruin their movies by digitally altering them. I did see some very obvious moments of new CGI. You can’t go from animatronic ET where his movements aren’t smooth to him HAVING smooth movements, it just looks bad. And I remember, in the episode, they mentioned that they’d replaced the guns in a scene with walkie-talkies. I can see why but it seems a bit much, to be honest.
  • I think if the movie would have been made now rather than 20 years ago, I don’t think it would of done as well, it looks kind of link a Disney Channel movie.
  • The dog in this movie is sooo gorgeous!
  • As a movie lover, I loved it when ET was watching the movie and the little kid reenacted it! What a brilliant moment!
  • ‘ET phone home’ has got to be one of the most famous lines ever. And also the image of the silhouette of the kid on the bicycle with ET in his basket in front of the moon is another icon. Oh, and the music as well. And ET himself.
  • I did feel a little sad as ET was dying but he did look like sausage meat in one scene then covered in flour the next.
  • Scary astronauts!!!!
  • It is very sweet that ET and the boy have an actual connection [especially loved ET getting drunk] because most BFFs do have a connection like that.
  • Sorry. Please don’t kill me. Please keep reading my blog!




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    1. I don’t hate you as that’s almost exactly how I feel about the movie. Its okaaaaaay, sort of. It actually contains every Spielberg-esque cliché he ever invented (albeit before they became clichés). It is in parts touching but I always felt like it was a very calculated sort of touching. It is VERY smaltzy, VERY stereotyped American high school kid – ish (does that make any sense?) and, how can I put this? ….shallow? …empty? …annoying? …predictable? There is some enjoyment to be had but it tends to make you feel sick. Like a can of Dr Pepper

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