La Dolce Vita

This is an Italian movie about a gossip journalist’s glamorous and sexual life among the rich and famous. It’s a true classic and the first foreign film where I wasn’t bored once.

  • Its glamorous, fashionable and wealthy. Its about those who can cope and those who cannot.
  • “I sleep naked with a touch of perfume”, totally stolen from Marilyn Monroe who famously said she sleeps naked except with dabs of Chanel No5. However, the character of Sylvia seems to be based on the late Monroe. And I love the famous dress she wears when she dances then wanders off and the whole fountain scene, its so beautiful, I love the fabrics and the way she uses them as part of her dance. Her character is a celebrity and is always bombarded by paparazzi so you wonder whether her attitude is because she’s a free spirit of that the media attention is slowly driving her mad, a lot like Monroe.
  • All the voices seemed to not be in time with their mouths at all! I even noticed that the woman who plays Emma is actually speaking English and they’ve dubbed her over in Spanish yet given her English subtitles. Its all very weird and a bit distracting.
  • I love the cute white kitten! And the way Sylvia puts the cat on her head, its just too cute!!!
  • I can see why our main man, Marcello, doesn’t really like spending time with his wife, she treats him like a child! Tells him what to eat, how to eat it and so on. When you’re with someone, you want a lover and friend, not a parent.
  • I thought it was very interesting to see the difference between Italian and American/English media and gossip. We all focus on celebrities but children who claim to of seen Madonna [not the pop star, the religious figure] underneath a tree gets as many paparazzi and media attention as a actress/superstar arriving on a plane. Then, there is a shot where you see everyone trying to grab pieces of the tree [that Madonna was apparently under] and they tear it to shreds which, to me, was the perfect metaphor on how the media and public treat celebrities.
  • “You are like an oracle.” “An alcoholic oracle.” I don’t know why I love this line so much!
  • You should know by now how much I love children so it was very hard to watch the child deaths in this movie. Just a little warning.
  • AHH! Giant stingray! I hate stingrays! It does looks rather helpless though. Well, it is helpless because its dead but you know what I mean.
  • The structure of this movie is very interesting and different. Its not just one storyline, its many storylines but all revolving around Marcella. I read on Wikipedia that the structure is in episodes, each episode is a different aspect or person in his life. The ending is a bit “oh, is that is?” but then you think about the rest of the movie and it makes sense to leave it open but his life is still going on.
  • Bit of a short review for a 2hr 48min film but it is a very good one, obviously a classic and I adored all the fashion in it! I think that’s why I remember Valentino mentioning this film.




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