His Girl Friday

QUICK NOTE: If you look to the right of your screen, you will see ‘List of Movies’. I’m sorry it took me so long to work out how to get something there lol. So, basically, there is the list of the 212 films I hope to watch, along with links to the reviews I’ve done. I just think its a bit more organized and will save anyone who’s reading this time and hassell of having to go through pages and pages of ramblings to get to the review they want. Next to the films I’ve yet to watch will be ‘-coming soon’. They might not be watched in the order written there but they will be watched. There are also, I think, 2 spaces which I will fill with whatever movie I want to see in the cinema. Just to let you know ^_^ Anyways, onto the review:

This is a very good movie, fast paces and I wasn’t bored once! Its about an ex-newspaper reporter who’s about to get married to a boring insurance salesman until she gets roped into covering the biggest news story in years by her ex-husband the editor.

The characters are perfect, especially the lead female role who is one of the strongest, wittiest female characters I’ve seen. It was also interesting to see a woman in the 1940s being so accepted in the workplace; the rest of the journalists were male but treated her like an equal. It was funny though when she got really angry and screamed at them and broke the phone, you could tell the men were a little scared of her [when they should of be scared of the felon who was a ’murderer’.] However, she does have a little crying session when she realizes all her ex-husband has done to try and get her back with him which gives her another side women can look up to.

The script is very well written, and it works with two different plot lines; the ex-husband trying to get rid of his ex-wife’s future husband and the escape of a felon. Also, the dialogue often overlaps giving it a great sense of realism and natural pace. Also, I notice that there are really only 3 sets, the newspaper offices, the reporter room of the prison and the local jail [where the dull soon-to-be husband keeps landing in, its quite funny, feel slightly sorry for him]. That just shows the power of the script, that we were fine with them not jumping from place to place.

Sorry, the review is a little short but it is a very good movie, I advise you to watch it!




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