Casino Royale

I will admit that I was one of the people that didn’t want to see this movie when it was in the cinema because I didn’t feel that Daniel Craig was James Bond. He didn’t fit the ‘tall, dark and suave’ Bond that we all know. However, I regret this now as Craig showed a different side of Bond and a storyline which worked perfectly with his appearance and acting style. If you, like me, took one look at Craig and was like “hell no” you may want to reconsider, its not the Bond we’re used to but it shows us how he became the Bond we’re used to. Its very interesting to see how and why he is the way he is.

  • The opening scene is in black and white and has a real film noir feel about it which works with Bond, oddly enough. I don’t think it would of worked with previous Bonds [except maybe Sean Connery but he could make any scene work]. It’s a very risky start to a Bond movie but it worked brilliantly for me.
  • I love the Casino-themed opening credits. The song is awesome, my dad loves it too. There weren’t any lady silhouettes or shapes which I thought was very interesting as that was always a running ‘theme’ in Bond credits. This movie is all about why Bond can do his job and why he objectifies women; this is before he would shag anything that moved. Therefore, I think its good that there’s no woman ‘shapes’ in the credits because its not the thing that’s on his mind. Anyways, I love the Casino theme, with the card types [heart, spade, club, diamond] being shown as bullets, weapons and blood.
  • We know the bad guy is the bad guy because he has slicked back hair, a scar over his eye, the music screams ‘BAD GUY’ and he has asthma.
  • When Bond was in Madagascar watching a group of men gamble as a snake fought a weasel, I thought to myself “Bond would never wear something like that!” but then I remember that if he wore his usual attire, he’d stick out ‘virgin in a brothel’ [sorry, Gene Hunt quote there >.<]. This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t dress stylishly for the majority of the movie [well, whenever he HAS clothes on]. He has his usual suits and then Bond Girl has a tailored suit made for him and he has his [now] iconic suit. My dad kept reminding me that this movie shows how everything was ‘born’, as it were; the suit, his drink, his lust and so on. You need to remember this too.
  • 19 minutes into the movie and we see our first objectification of a woman. However, we also see our first objectification of Bond! I know! I think that’s what makes this movie so interesting; it’s the first time that Bond is also a ‘piece of meat’ and not just the women. His body isn’t exactly the ‘wow’ factor for me but… I don’t know, he almost looks like he has a normal[ish] body and not a Hollywood ‘cheese grater abs’. Obviously, still fit but something that men can look at and think “I could actually look like that, for once.” You know? And obviously, there are some women who went to see this movie just for the shot of Bond coming out of the water in tight Speedos. The shot of him coming out of the water almost mirrors Ursula Andress’s rise from the sea in Dr. No.
  • M! Love M. She’s one of my favourite- actually, no, I’d say she’s my absolute favourite female movie character. She’s just so awesome! I hope to be like her when I’m older. Not being Bond’s babysitter but y’know… someone that people respect and admire and stuff… she’s just awesome and kicks ass without touching a gun or lifting a fist!
  • It was nice to see that Bond can be hurt and we see he has a lot of injuries in this movie. Obviously, he’s still a newbie at all this and therefore will get hurt more but it still gives a sense of realism to his character.
  • My dad pointed out that the reason men love James Bond is because all girls want to be princesses and all boys want to be spies [“or ninjas” as my brother added]. They want to be able to shoot a gun, kick ass, drive fancy cars, sleep in expensive hotels and kiss gorgeous women. Bond is there little escape.
  • If they are to do another Bond film, they need to explain why Bond went from having no hair on his chest to the gorilla man.
  • I think the major difference between NEWBIE!Bond and OLD!Bond is that OLD!Bond would of see poor Visper sitting in the shower, clearly petrified [which is one of the most heartbreaking shots I’ve ever seen in cinema] and tried to make her feel better with sex. But not NEWBIE!Bond. NEWBIE!Bond just holds her. He does suck her fingers but its surprisingly not done in a sexual way but in a really sweet, caring way. It was nice to see that Bond could have proper feelings towards a woman before… y’know… becoming a sex addict.
  • I thought the cinematography and editing for the drugged scene was brilliant. The way the camera was hand held, the blurriness, the brightness and the echo made me feel like I was drugged too.
  • The things people will do for money and in fear for their own skin. Its worrying.
  • I think Bond looked genuinely pleased with himself when he asked the Switz man why he didn’t bring chocolate. It was quite cute actually. I wanted to pat him on the head and go “good boy, you made a slightly racist joke.”
  • The end is almost perfect for the couple but its too perfect so you know something is going to bugger it all up! Bit predictable that something was going to happen but what does happened actually had me shocked even though its so predictable!
  • M: You don’t trust anyone, do you?
    James Bond: No.
    M: Then you’ve learned your lesson.




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