Close Encounters of the Third Kind

This movie feels kind of like all of Spielberg’s films rolled into one. This was one of his earlier films but you can totally tell its his work. This is actually the first time I’ve watched it the whole way through, I’ve always walked in on it on TV about half of the way through. The plot is about aliens [duh, its Spielberg] and they’re little holiday on Earth. I don’t feel we’re ever given the idea that its an invasion, they just look a little curious. Anyways, I’m a little tired and I’m loosing [once again] my determination for this blog. I don’t mind watching the movies, its just the reviews that I dread. Sorry. I don’t even know why I’m doing this, its not really benefiting anyone… suppose its giving me something to do so I don’t go completely dumb and forget how to write English… Sorry, enough of that, here are my notes, sorry if they make no sense. Watch the movie, then they’ll make sense!!!

  • Scary sci-fi music at the beginning, know what we’re in for.
  • Where did the pilots go?!
  • “Do you want to report a UFO?” The flight center jumped to that conclusion a bit too soon… however, I think we’re supposed to get this feeling that the government or official people are expecting alien contact or something… or just bad writing, who knows!
  • Great child acting from the cutest little boy ever! So adorable!
  • Stuff is moving!! Scary monkey! What’s happening?! I know it’s the aliens but it almost has a ‘haunted-by-poltergeists’ feel about it which terrifies me!

  • The night skies in this movie are so clear and full of beautiful stars. I love the galaxy and stars and planets and stuff so I love being able to look up at night and see all these beautiful, glittering stars.
  • Light = literal and metaphorical illumination.
  • I feel there could have been more about the main guy’s inner turmoil. I didn’t really feel myself feeling sorry for him at all. No real connection. Do like the shaving cream and potato mountains.
  • The little tune to communicate with the mother ship is so iconic now. Monsters Vs Aliens springs to mind [love that movie!! Love Bob!]. However, I do question how quickly and where the hell they come up with these ideas for the music. It just seems very… I don’t know, unrealistic. Yet aliens coming down is realistic? Come on, Kate.
  • I love that the guy actually speaks French rather than constantly talking English in a French accent. I always say that if a character is from a different country then they should speak their native tongue unless its been said that they are fluent in English.
  • The CGI is incredible. The spaceships still look amazing, even the mini ones which are basically just light. But the mother ship looks amazing! I love the final shots of it because it looks like a cross between a Star Wars ship and New York.
  • They kissed?! What the hell was the point in that?! Totally unnecessary.
  • The big alien looks a little like Victoria Beckham… but the kid aliens just look ridiculous but whatever, its Spielberg, I have to shut up.
  • Sorry, such a crap review that probably no one who hasn’t seen the film will understand. So you should see it! It’s a total classic, quite easy to watch compared to other sci-fi movies and it will still blow you away with how visually stunning it is, even after over 30 years.




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    1. Great review for a great film. Surpringly moving as well at the end

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