Once Upon a Time in America

This movie is about the lives of a group of Jewish mobsters from when they were teenagers robbing the drunk to men stealing diamonds. Its very good but, in my opinion, could of done with a little more editing. However, I know this movie was edited without the director’s permission and turned out to be crap so I know that it needs to be longer to ‘work’ but I could see areas that weren’t needed.

  • The editing sequence at the beginning of the movie had me confused and a little frustrated. It goes backwards and forwards in time but it doesn’t quite work as we don’t know the faces well enough to make the connections. I don’t know whether this is meant to be or not but it didn’t leave me impressed, just confused. I do like it, however, when a movie starts with the audience asking questions. This movie had me asking “they’re looking for Robert De Niro! Where is he?! Where is he hiding?! Why are they after him?!”
  • There isn’t as much blood as Resevoir Dogs but there’s still a little bit of it. The bullet wounds are nasty but its ruined by the blood looking like paint and therefore laughable.

  • I hated a character in the beginning because he was a cold-blooded killer. Its remarkable that I felt so much towards character that I didn’t know the name of and who’d been on screen for less than 5 minutes. He gets shot and I was like “YAY!!!!!”
  • The make-up on the actors to make them look ‘old’ is incredibly good [better than this Harry Potter crap we’re getting… they’re meant to be 37 not 67… dumbasses…] but at the same time, I could tell where the makeup started and the real face finished.
  • .

  • In my opinion, there was too much about the past, about them as teenagers. I know it is there to give us a true feeling of their history, ‘friendship’ and relationship with women but it could have been done in a shorter way. Its not bad, don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t bored at all but I just found myself being picky [I want to be a film editor after college so is this a good thing?]
  • There is a death in the ‘childhood’ section that will make you cry or at least get teary-eyed. So sad.
  • I did like that in the ‘childhood’ section, you could see their teenage spots. And they looked real! I just thought it was good to show teens get spots, unlike now-a-days when teens in movie’s all have the clearest skin ever unless they’re nerds.
  • The casting is fantastic for OLD!Max and TEEN!Max and OLD!Deborah and TEEN!Deborah. They truly looked that the teenagers. They others were OK but Max and Deborah were the best.
  • I looked it up and De Niro was 41 playing a 20-something. He has aged very well…
  • Peggy is a great character. She’s a curvy lady who just oozes with sexuality. She may not be ‘in shape’ but because she has a sexual atmosphere around her, the men love her. Yes, she is a prostitute but there are plenty of skinny prostitutes that they could chose from but they went for the curves.
  • BABIES! I loved the baby-swapping scene! Not only because I just adore babies and turn into goo whenever I see them but it is a very funny scene. Obviously, its horrible for the parents who get the wrong child but its funny at the time.
  • Its sad that the only way Robert De Niro’s character knows how to make love is what he’s experienced with prostitutes. Sorry to get graphic but he only knows how to do it rough, almost like rape. Obviously, he’s paid for the only sex he’s had so the girls have to ‘enjoy’ themselves. So when it comes to a normal woman, he thinks they’ll enjoy it if he’s ‘rough’. Its so sad…
  • That is a big cake. Very big cake. Makes me want to get cake. I have cake. Its in the freezer. But. Need to get healthy. Damn health. Ruins everything.
  • By the end of the movie, I never want to hear anyone say ‘Noodles’ again. It’s the nickname of De Niro’s character and its said so many times and its now sickening to me.
  • Little continuity that I spotted… no matter how much foundation you put on them, you can always see spots/acne thanks to shadow. The actress who plays Deborah has the same spots in a scene where she’s in her 20s as the scene when she’s in her 40s. That’s just lazy…
  • The ending scene doesn’t have that much of an opmph as I think it was trying to get. I just felt myself feeling tired and going “oh, that’s him? Ok… whatever…” Anyways, the ending shot makes me smile though.
  • It is a very good movie but you really have to give it your full attention and really want to dedicate 3hr49min to it. It is very interesting and very well done. Just could have been a little shorter. Not like how the producers did when it went from 229min to 144min which sounds ridiculous to me but maybe 30min shorter or something…




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