Harold and Maude

I really liked this movie even though its about death and a young man and an old woman falling in love. Two concepts that I usually don’t like. But somehow, it really worked for this movie.

Harold ‘kills’ himself a lot… well, he tries to but never succeeds. I don’t think he wants to but he loves the idea of killing himself. He does it for attention but because he’s done it so many times that his mum doesn’t even batter an eyelid when he hangs himself or is facedown in the pool. However, why he would want attention from his mum, I don’t know as she is the most annoying woman on this planet; tries to change him into her idea of a ‘perfect son’ and does everything for him. Biggest example of that is what she answers his personality quiz for him for this dating thing.

Then Harold meets Maude who is full of life and he’s like “oh, life is alright I suppose” and they fall in love and its freakishly romantic. Maude is a great character though. She’s totally delusional and the looks on the police’s faces are just priceless, its just :-O lol

Sorry, another short and crap review but it is a very lovely film. Its not too emo and gothic, like it may sound. I enjoyed watching it, anyways and I think you should watch it too!



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