Stand by Me

I’ve wanted to see this film since Family Guy did a spoof of it. Unfortunately, because I saw Family Guy first, I kept laughing throughout the movie as I kept remembering things from the episode. Anyways, the film is about four friends who make a trip to find and see a dead body of a kid their age. It’s a surprisingly very sweet film about friendship. It is ruined by Kiefer Sutherland and his blond hair but we can [eventually] ignore him.

  • Be prepared to see ‘twelve year olds’ [the characters are 12 but the actors were 14, 15 and 16] smoking and swearing. However, it is done in a very realistic way, especially as some of them don’t know how to hold a cigarette properly.
  • They may be a year from being teenagers but they have some pretty rough lives already. Chris [River Phoenix] comes from a family of criminals and alcoholics, Teddy [Corey Feldman] was nearly killed by his own mentally-unstable father leaving him with a deformed ear and mental problems of his own, Vern [Jerry O’Connell] is the fat kid who is the butt of every joke and then there’s Gordie [Wil Wheaton] who is ignored at home and feels he is hated by his father who seems to wish Gordie had died rather than his ‘perfect, quarterback‘ brother [John Cusack]. I totally felt for these boys, I just wanted to hug them all.
  • This movie is the perfect example of superb teenage acting that we just don’t get these days. Phoenix and Feldman in particular were extraordinary. The other two were great as well but I was blown away by Phoenix and Feldman; Phoenix was amazing in the scene where he confesses that he’s nothing like his criminal family and that he’s scared of being stereotyped as one, and Feldman was fantastic when the junkyard owner starting talking shit about his dad and… my God, he truly looked crazy, it was amazing. But we don’t get acting like that these days, those Twilight kids, Disney ones and even though I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, I’d say only Rupert Grint is the decent actor in that series. I don’t know… I feel we’ve lost proper teenage acting.
  • The pie story! OMG so disgusting but funny at the same time, reminded me of the racist woman from Little Britain.
  • I loved the scene where the boys [except Gordie] take turns on patrol at night because it really shows their characters; Terry talks to himself and acts like he’s in the war [which his dad was in and made him mental], Vern flinches and points the gun at any sound and Chris just sits there, not bothered at all.
  • Leeches!! That’s why I won’t go into ponds and stuff, bloody leeches!! And then poor Gordie… boys, if you’ve never seen this movie before, you may feel a little sick when Gordie removes a certain leech from a certain area.
  • They find the body and its horrible. They look for twigs and stuff to make a stretcher to carry the poor boy but Gordie breaks down, crying about how his dad hates him. Its so horrible to watch, I just wanted to hug him! We get flashbacks of what life was like back when his brother was alive and his life was still shit! His dad clearly had more interest in his eldest son and his football than his other son. It was just made a million times worse when he died.
  • Chris: “‘Suck my fat one’? Whoever told you that you had a fat one, Lachance?” I begged for Gordie to say “the leech told me” but nah, he says “Biggest one in four counties.” Still think my leech line was funnier.
  • It’s a classic film. Shame about River Phoenix as he showed amazing potential. Even more than James Dean, I’d say.

    150/212 [Blimey, 150… I don’t know whether I should be pleased or disgusted with myself lol]



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    1. you should be pleased and proud – even if me being proud does not count!!!!!!!!!!!

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