The Great Escape

This is the first film I’ve watched with popcorn at home! I love the smell of popcorn, smells like a cinema. Obviously. Anyways, very good film, I really liked it!

  • The theme tune! What a song! Everyone knows it! I knew it and I’ve never seen this film before! I loved that its associated with England, especially as we often whistle it at football [soccer to you yanks lol] matches.
  • I love that the whole story line is based on a true story. Its incredible! Its so well written and I had to remind myself that it actually happened.
  • The beginning conversation is a bit funny because its basically some Nazi person going “don’t escape” and the English guy is like “well, we’re gonna”.
  • The mumbling! I’m sorry, I know the sound equipment isn’t like what we have now but I couldn’t hear or understand a single word any of them said! I had to ask my dad loads of times what was being said or what was going on.
  • “Steve McQueen plays the American guy who is dropped into British films in order to make them sell [in America]” – Eddie Izzard. He may be joking but its totally true! American’s are still a bit edgy when it comes to a full British cast! Another example, for the young ones, why do you think Renée Zellweger was in Bridget Jones’s Diary?
  • The camp is incredibly clean and actually looks like a pretty decent place to live compared to what I’ve seen in other movies. However, my mum reminded me that the prisoners were generals or people of high rank so therefore they were treated a bit better.
  • Unfortunately, I am only 19 and therefore saw things before this film so I kept thinking about Chicken Run and that this movie has people from Jurassic Park, 8 Simple Rules and CSI.
  • I love that Squadron Leader Roger Bushell [Jurassic Park guy] was so willing to try everyone’s ideas, the bird lessons, a non-camp costume designer, the 4th July celebrations [considering they got independence from the British *cough*], the friendships and team work, and the mention of claustrophobia. The friendship and teamwork got me the most because I really bonded with the characters and I was on the edge of my seat hoping they’d escape and that they’d stay ‘escaped’. I think if I felt nothing for the characters then the movie wouldn’t of worked.
  • I know I’ve been quoting Eddie Izzard a lot in recent reviews but its just because he’s been popping into my head because I’m starting to see films that he mentions in his routines. Anyways, I remember Izzard mentioning the geography is a bit off in this movie; “Remember Jim Garner nicks a airplane in that film and he flies to Switzerland and he gets about 20 miles away from it- in an airplane! And Steve’s on a fucking motorbike and he gets there! Before him!”
  • The credits are nice, with the character’s names and then their nicknames. Gives it a nice personal touch.
  • Dedicated to those fifty.



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