• Harsh, almost-cruel nun [played wonderfully by Meryl Streep] and a sweet, innocent nun [played beautifully by Amy Adams]. It’s a good comparison to see two sides of not only nunnery but also religious people.
  • The Priest teaches basketball and I found that incredibly funny. However, he does have incredibly nice nails…
  • The Priests or whatever they are, are having a nice, fun, relaxing dinner and the nuns are having a quiet dinner that is done under so many rules.
  • Streep Nun and Adams Nun are suspicious of the Priest [they think he’s ‘done stuff’ with one of the male students] and not once did I feel like he had. I don’t know whether I’m meant to think he’s done something or not but not once during the whole film did I think he was guilty. And Philip Seymour Hoffman is fantastic as the Priest.
  • The nun clothes are the nicest I’ve ever seen! The bonnet thing is so cute!
  • The family story of the boy is so heartbreaking. I wanted to jump into the film and take him away and hug him. I hate dads like that. You’ll understand if you watch it.
  • It’s a good film, I can see why it had Oscar nominations but it wasn’t something that made me go “OMG everyone HAS to see this!” Its good, and if you have an evening free then I’d recommend it.



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