Don’t Bother to Knock

This film is a mixture between a love story and a thriller story. A couple have broken up but neither one wants to and a mentally unstable woman baby-sits a child. It all takes place in one place; a hotel [which now makes me want to go to a hotel, I love hotel rooms!].

Marilyn Monroe is fantastic in this movie and it was done early in her career. I don’t know why no one took her seriously, she’s can do drama really well! I knew from the start that her character was mentally unsound, she portrayed it wonderfully. As the character’s mental state deteriorated, Monroe’s acting got better. You can tell so much from her eyes; she does psycho very well, shame she didn’t do it more often.

Monroe’s character is the mental type like James Stewart was in Vertigo, where he sees his love in someone else. However, in Vertigo, it was actually the same person but the way he tried to change the woman into her and was determined… actually, that’s probably a bad example. But anyways, Monroe’s character sees this man and believe he is the man she loved and lost in the sea. She genuinely thinks its him and hates anything that gets in her way. it’s a very good character, its just a shame that they didn’t go into it more, there was so much they could of done.

There really should only of been one storyline, the babysitting/Monroe storyline. There was no need for the couple, especially as it dragged on the introduction to the film and the character’s situations. It just felt unnecessary.

Its not a fantastic film but I’d watch it just for Monroe’s acting so you can all see that she was a great actress, not just the blond bombshell you think she is.




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