Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

It’s a lovely film to watch in the afternoon after lunch which is what I did. Its funny [not laugh out loud funny but still funny] and have some great characters. The title of the film is the plot of the film, just like Snakes on a Plane.

  • The teacher’s voices are so relatable. If you have a boring voice that drones on, don’t teach, you’ll just bore the students into suicide.
  • The coughing/ill sounds on the keyboard are so gross and not what you want to hear when you’re eating lunch.
  • I found myself loving the best friend, Cameron, more than our leading man, Ferris. I think its his big blue eyes >.< Anyways, loved the scene where he’s deciding whether or not to go, you just got so much about the character from that scene and it is pretty funny.
  • The way they use phone calls in this movie is incredibly clever and would probably never work in real life. Wonder how many people have tried it since this movie came out over 20 years ago.
  • I normally don’t really care for cars but that Ferrari was beautiful.
  • I did some research as I was watching the movie and the guy playing Camera who’s 17 was actually 29! He aged very well! And I know where I saw him before, he’s in Speed as the annoying tourist!
  • Love the car/Star Wars moment, perfect use of music.
  • I have 1 problem with this movie. Why the HELL, on your DAY OFF, would you go to a MUSEUM?!
  • I love the float scene where everyone is just dancing and loosening up and having fun. I found myself grinning throughout the whole thing. I probably would of gotten up and danced if I had the energy [*glares at Mother Nature*]
  • I can totally relate to the brother vs. sister aspect of this movie. I totally empathize with the sister but at the same time, I’m glad she helped her brother as I probably would of done too, even if he is a pain in the bum and probably wouldn’t say thank you.
  • Sorry, 1 more problem…the ending… does the teacher have NO PRIDE!? Also, I hate the whole dog vs. teacher thing, its not funny and just annoying.
  • Nice, easy, relaxing film to watch.




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