This is an incredibly interesting and well written movie. Its all about this group of people and how they’re all linked and what is happening in their lives. I can’t describe exactly why its so well done… their stories link and we have the introductions at the same time, the climaxes at the same time and the endings at the same time… sorry, this is crap, I just can’t put it into words. Its just written so incredibly well.

My favourite storyline was Jim/Claudia. They both need someone and they’re both be good for each other. Not that the other storylines aren’t really good and make you think because they do, I just found myself really getting into the Jim/Claudia.

My favourite part of the movie was when the characters sang along with a song and the lyrics matched their situations. I loved that so much as its something that I would do in a movie. I’m constantly listening to music and thinking about a movie around it or how it relates to characters and stuff.

If frogs freak you out, don’t watch this!

Sorry, I know it’s a short review but it is a very good movie and I’d recommend you all watch it. And this is coming from a girl who hates it when dramas run longer than 2 hours; this runs for 3hr 8min and I wasn’t bored once.




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  1. I agree, great film, currently no. 207 on IMDB top 250. It’s amazing it holds up for 3 hours, but like you say, it actually does.I’ve actually just reviewed another movie with John c Reily(Jim/Claudia), Year of the dog, you should check it out ( :

    I esspecially liked the old guy on his death bed, so powerful and probably happens in the real world that old people (and their family) spill their guts to one another.

    Magnolia is my favourite of the recent multi-story movies, to me it was better than good, but not great movies: Traffic, Short cuts, Crash, Playing by heart.

    Perhaps I liked it more due in part to the Magnolia soundtrack, which is like another character in the movie, some of aimee manns best work there.

    I catch myself rewatching Magnolia when it’s on TV ( :

    I feel director Paul Thomas Anderson’s other films like “There will be blood” and “punch drunk love” are pretty mediocre, and they don’t give me the same feeling when watching them. Have you seen his others films, did you think they were any good?

    • I loooove the music in this film! The songs say so much!

      ‘Year of the Dog’? I’ll have a look ^_^

      Thanks for commenting!!! Your comments are always so interesting! I learn stuff from them lol xoxo

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