Sherlock Holmes

Because its Mother’s Day, me, the worlds best mum [mine] and my brother sat down together to watch Sherlock Holmes which Tom rented from Redbox. Its not on my list but alas, it seems that if I do ‘recent’ films the blog gets a little more views and that’s all good!

The film… is NOT about Sherlock Holmes. I’m sorry, but its not. They just took his name and plastered it onto something and someone who is not Sherlock Holmes. Jude Law was surprising great as Watson, I thought that was good. However, as much as I love Robert Downey Jr and as much as I would marry him on the spot, he just played an English version of himself. Hollywood, for lack of a better word, f***ed up entirely on letting Downey Jr do whatever the hell he wants. Now, don’t get me wrong, I loved his character but it was NOT Sherlock Holmes. The film would of worked fantastically if it were some made-up names/characters. Hollywood and bloody Guy Richie tried to turn Sherlock Holmes into a freaking action hero and no sir, it does not bloody work! This movie is visually amazing, I love the cinematography and the editing, I thought it was fantastic. But. ITS NOT BLOODY SHERLOCK HOLMES!

Right. Sorry. I think I may of calmed down now. The plot is good and relatively easy to follow whilst being intelligent at the same time. I loved at the end when Robert Downey Jr [I refuse to call the character Sherlock Holmes for reasons stated above] explained how he worked it all out, very clever! That was the one ‘Sherlock-y’ thing they got right, how intelligent he was.

Downey Jr’s English accent is good but his tone of voice makes it rather difficult to understand at times. He needed to lift it up a bit and now be so low, it often sounded like he’d had a stroke.

It has the unnecessary action we expect from Iron Man, it has the typical plot points like a James Bond movie and a pointless kiss like every single action movie ever made. No. NO! SHERLOCK HOLMES! NO! HE’S NOT AN ACTION HERO! For Christ’s sake…

Quick note, Rachel McAdams is a bit pointless but she looks stunning and has gorgeous dresses and kept her American accent and didn’t go down the crap English accent route so I let her off…

If you ignore every time they call the character Sherlock Holmes, its actually a very good movie that is visually and technically amazing [I especially love the explosion scene which I thought was fantastically shot]. If you’re not English or have never read Sherlock Holmes, you’ll probably enjoy it far better than we did.




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