It’s a good movie with a great storyline, I can see why Clint Eastwood liked it and was inspired by it. Its about a samurai who walks into a feud-torn village in Japan and its all about him switching sides and the fights and stuff. Its better than I’m making it out to be! Its surprisingly funny in places, it seems to make a mockery of ‘brave’ people and when I say ‘brave’ I mean those who say “I’ll stab you if you take one more step” and the person takes a step and the other person doesn’t stab him. Y’know? For example, there is a scene where the two sides of the village are like “lets fight” but they take their time joining in the middle in ’battle’ and keep charging and retreating, its quite funny. Also, its pretty obvious that when there is some fighting that the swords are doing no damage at all; they all take swings at each other and pretend to collapse in pain when you can blatantly see no torn clothing or blood. There was a sad part where the mum was trying to hug her child through some bars as she was captured. Why did I have to see that scene so close to Mother’s Day?! Now I can’t stop thinking about THAT scene from Dumbo when the mummy is captured and holds Dumbo and oooo my eyes are welling up!!! Anyways, sorry this review is short but it is a very good movie, I wasn’t bored once which is weird as this movie is clearly inspired by westerns and I‘m getting very bored of westerns. Its very interesting to watch, in that respect, that it’s a Japanese western.



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