Before I even go into it, everyone HAS to see this movie. You have to. Oh. My. God. Cutest film EVER! And its soooo funny! I went to an advanced screening of it tonight with my mum [best person to watch this movie with] and it finished at 9 and its now 11.21pm as I’m typing this and we’re still grinning ear to ear and repeating what we saw and laughing and oh my God, its just left us with such a happy, warm, fuzzy feeling! I’m so happy right now because of this movie.

It’s a documentary following 4 babies, from birth to their 1st birthday, in 4 different parts of the world; Mongolia, Namibia, San Francisco and Tokyo. Not only are the babies so incredibly cute and so funny but it’s a film that also makes you think. The Mongolian baby and the Namibian baby were soooo happy and they pretty much had the outdoors as their toys [ranging from bones to goats, seriously]. Then you have the ‘richer’ babies from America and Japan, and the American baby was a bit stressy [and boring, actually] and the Japanese baby throw [the most hilarious] tantrums. There’s a great ‘scene’ where it cuts between the Japanese baby throwing a hissy fit because she can’t get her toys to do what she wants them to do and the Mongolian baby who is so freaking happy with toilet paper to play with. It just shows the differences, money doesn’t always make you happy. Oh my god, though, the Mongolian baby was my favourite, he was just always so happy and incredibly funny and I could watch him all day. Same goes for the Namibian baby who was so smiley and curious about the world.

Seriously, everyone has to see this movie, you will not be disappointed, its so lovely and cute and funny and makes you go ‘awwww’ and you will leave feeling so happy! Fantastic movie. May of even made it to my top 10 films ever!



PS: GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!!! Its out in theatres Sunday 9th May, Mother’s Day to you Americans so go see it with your mum, she’ll love it!


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  1. loved the movie.thx for the post

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