Duck Soup

I didn’t really like it to be honest. The main guy’s comedy would have been funny but his delivery was off and it lost the humor. He just did one liners, one after the other, really quickly and it was just crap. I like one-liners, I love Jimmy Carr but he delivers them properly, at least in my opinion, by which I mean that I feel that oneliners work in stand-up but not in film, if you know what I mean. The mirror scene was good, looked very well rehearsed and I loved that the war changed location and era all the time. But that was about it, the characters just annoyed me and I wanted to smack most of them. I can see why its considered a classic but its just not for me.




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  1. you prefer jimmy carr to GROUCHO MARX??????

    • After I re-read it, I think I explained myself wrong as you can’t really compare Jimmy Carr to Groucho Marx. I mean that doing one liners one after the other only works in stand up, it doesn’t work in a film. At least, that’s my opinion.

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