Rio Bravo

5.06PM – I’m getting pretty sick of Westerns even though this is only the 10th Western I’ve watched.

8.35pm – This film was pretty good, as far as westerns go. Its about a Sheriff and some other men making sure a brother doesn’t try to help his brother escape from jail.

  • The scenes with John Wayne and Ward Bond are fantastic, great acting.
  • This is the first western I’ve seen that has a storyline about alcoholism. I noticed that there is loads of drinking in westerns so I thought it was brilliant that they took notice of this and showed a man trying to battle with alcoholism. I found myself really getting into it and cheering when he managed to stay strong.
  • Dean Martin plays a guy called ‘Dude’. Its pretty funny seeing ‘cowboys’ say ‘dude’.
  • Blood in the beer! Ew!!!!
  • Its so bad that I loved seeing the characters rolling up a cigarette because it reminded me of my best friend back in England, Sarah, who smokes like a chimney. It’s a nasty habit but it made me smile and think of my Sarah.
  • Angie Dickinson [Feathers] is so beautiful! And not only that, but she’s a great, strong female character with the tiniest waist ever and the coolest boots!
  • I did a little research and when the Sheriff [Wayne] kisses Feathers [Dickinson] it’s a 52 year old kissing a 28 year old. Now THAT’S an age gap!
  • I found myself going ‘ooooo bitch slap!’ when Dude [Martin] slaps Chance [Wayne].
  • I loved the song scene! Kind of needed it with Dean Martin and Ricky Nelson in the cast!
  • Nelson looks like Zac Efron a little…
  • I strangely loved the scene where Stumpy [Walter Brennan] threw dynamite and Chance and Dude would shoot them to make them go off. I don’t know why but I just loved it, probably because I can imagine Gene Hunt doing it [Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes, look them up, great TV shows].
  • It wasn’t that bad of a western thanks to the cast and simple storyline.






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