Cool Hand Luke

It’s a great prison movie. Unfortunately, I have a headache and I’m incredibly tired so once again, this review will probably be crap but whatever. I have to do it so I don’t have to worry about it tomorrow.

  • The opening scene is Luke cutting off parking meters in a drunken state. I can just imagine the audience cheering as they saw what he was doing.
  • I love the use of the mirror sunglasses in this movie. Not only are they a great technique for cinematography, but also gives the character [one of the big ’bosses;] an air of mystery; he’s The Man With No Eyes.
  • The characters in this movie are great, even though you hate some of prisoners at the beginning, you learn to love them by the end.
  • I wonder if this is the film that was the first to do the classic scene of ‘hot girl washing car’. Its pretty funny to watch from a girl’s point of view but I can imagine a boy really liking it!
  • It takes a while for be to like Paul Newman’s [Luke] acting. However, I don’t think its his fault as George Kennedy outshines everyone in every scene.
    I wonder if, back then in the 60s, they were allowed to drink beer and gamble after they’d worked on the roads. Also, did they really celebrate 4th July in there with bear and music and fun?
  • There’s a lovely scene with Luke and his mum. The mum is so lovely and funny and full of life in an ironic sense as she’s clearly dieing. Then the mum does die and Luke is still in prison and there’s a nice, sad moment when the rest of the prisoners leave Luke alone in the room to mourn with his guitar. The song is lovely and made more beautiful by poor Luke’s slow tears. THEN!! THEN the ‘bosses’ [prison guards] put him in ‘the box’!! Because they think if they don’t then he’ll try to run away to go to his mum’s funeral! Its so horrible!
  • If you don’t like eggs, you may want to skip the scene where Luke eats 50 eggs in an hour. Yes. 50. In an hour.
  • There’s a heartbreaking scene where the prisoners, who adore Luke and think he’s the hero, don’t help Luke get to his bed after being slowly tortured by the ‘bosses’. You can see just how broken Luke is [that’s when Newman’s acting actually shone].
  • I’d tell you all to watch this not only because its good but just for George Kennedy and his character, he’s brilliant.



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