Such a lovely film. Very heartfelt with such interesting people and an amazing story/journey. Its about the legendary surfing Paskowitz family. Even if you’ve never heard of them or not interested in surfing, you would still really enjoy this documentary. As a film nut [and a future movie editor? Maybe? ^_^], I loved all the editing in this movie and if you’re studying film and editing, watch this movie, its very inspirational. I felt sorry for the sister for having 8 brothers! How horrendous! And I thought one was bad enough! I found myself feeling very connected to these 11 Paskowitz family members, they‘re so down-to-earth in a weird way, considering their upbringing. They’re kind of normal but have so much character that you’re not bored by them, you want to know about them. I felt so connected and like I knew them that I was crying with joy that at the end of the movie, they were together again after so many fights and years of not talking. Its so beautiful and makes you appreciate family. Also, I was bloody shocked [though I don’t know why] that the dad, who’s 80-something, was still surfing!

Once again, it’s a short review but it is a brilliant film, very moving and rather inspirational.



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