Raising Arizona

Loved it! Loved it, loved it, loved it! It’s a comedy with Nicolas Cage [when he was hot], the mum from The Incredibles, Fred Flintstone and babies, that’s why I loved it. Anyways, Nicolas Cage is a convict, Holly Hunter is a cop, they fall in love, can’t have kids so they knick one. Its very funny, has some great characters and the story moves at a great pace, it didn’t once get boring. And, to be honest, those are the notes I wrote down for this but don’t let the short review fool you, it was brilliant, I loved it and I think you should watch it.




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  1. wat is your myspace page

  2. ha ha, I read this and went ‘nicolas cage was hot?’ i’ve only seen his more recent films and one from YEARS ago where he was horribly scrawny and had really bad teeth.. 0.o congrats on the half way mark, you should be proud!

    • LMAO! I don’t think he’s aged that well, to be honest. And thank you ^_^ I am a little proud!

      • 😀 welcome!

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