A Woman Under The Influence

This movie is basically about crazy people. it’s a bit of a slow movie but I was constantly on edge wondering what the mum was going to do next. I sympathized with the mum as she tries so hard to please her husband, constantly repeating if what she’s doing is OK and saying she can be whatever he wants her to be. She has her moments of being a bit mental but its mainly when she’s around big crowds. She’s fantastic with her children and the kids love her so much [when she comes back from the mental hospital, they just want to be with her and hug her and kiss her and constantly tell her how much they love her], its horrible to watch the children have to witness their parents. I would love to say more but I’d like you to watch it and figure it out for yourself. It’s a deep-thinking film so be prepared for that. I probably won’t ever watch it again myself but I would recommend it to anyone studying mental illnesses or mental illnesses in films.



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  1. Great review. Yeah these Cassavetes films are not so much films as experiences. Can’t exactlt call em fun but you ust have to see em. Anyway I’ll subscribe to your blog and hope you’ll check mine out. See ya

  2. I’ve recently discovered your movie blog while blog hopping, and I look forward to revisiting.

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    At first, I found it difficult liking Cassavetes and his 70s films, I gave up on several of them. But suddenly one day I stumbled upon ‘Minnie and Moskowitz’ (1971), and it’s now a favorite of mine(I have many fav)

    How do I subscribe to your blog?

    • Erm… I don’t know how to subcribe to my blog nor to yours… I have twitter and facebook, which I use to update people on my blog… I can link you on the side if that’ll help.

      And cool idea for a blog! I’ll favourite it ^_^


  3. I figured out how to subscribe to your blog via wordpress ( :

    It’s “Notify me of new posts via email” under comment

    Thanks for linking

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