This movie wasn’t on Empire magazine’s Top 500 films of all time but my brother was in a really good mood [I saw ’was’ because I think I pissed him off when we had a disagreement which I mention below] and wanted to watch a film with me [and the parents too] so he went to Redbox and rented Armored. My whole family loved it except me… *cowers away in bedroom*

  • We see the two main guys as they start their day and they both look as guilty as hell which made me start asking questions; why are they guilty? What have they done? Will it be a flashback film? As the film goes on, turns out they haven’t done the guilty thing yet so… don’t quite understand why they woke up looking like they’d killed a whole city.
  • The film is about delivery men. Delivery men. Delivery men with guns. They decide to rob the money they’re delivering. It’s a good idea for an episode of CSI, not a feature length film.
  • I’m sorry, but the whole film was done so cheesy-action that it was borderline comedic to me. It almost felt like it was a parody of action movies.
    The plot holes. Oh my God, the plot holes. The money, the amount, the windows, the police… it just felt like bad script writing to me. However, the scriptwriter did very well with the development of the characters. The buildup of them changing from normal delivery men to trigger-happy greedy men was brilliant. Doesn’t make up for the fact that they are in the delivery business, they know about the money and that its new and tagged and coded and they think they can get away with using it after saying they were robbed.
  • They need to stop looking so goddamn guilty! The audience gets that they’re nervous and are about to rob the money but bloody hell, I was half expecting water to come pouring out their ears for comic effect!
  • The chase scene… at the time, it felt unnecessary but now I think about it, I guess it was needed, to show him trying to escape.
  • They’re hitting the metal thing with the giant nail to open the doors. I’m pretty sure the giant nail hit the man’s hand over and over again yet he doesn’t wince. Come on, that was just bad continuity.
  • The main cop is the guy whose career wasn’t ruined by Gilmore Girls! You know, the one who looks like he’s having a stroke when he talks. Anyways, he gets dragged into the warehouse and gets his head banged on steel stairs and ooooooh I could totally feel pain on the back of MY head!
  • Morpheus from The Matrix is in this and he’s very trigger-happy!
  • It finally got exciting about 50min in when our hero escapes to try and cll for help because at this point, the bad guys are almost like animals, it feels a little like a horror movie to me. Its just a shame I had to wait 50 minutes to get excited.
  • The suicide was obvious and edited wrong.
  • Why are the bad guys still going?! How the hell do they think they can still get away with it?!
  • Bomb, complete with burning man. Now, this bomb sparked a ‘heated’ debate with me and my brother. Our hero bombs two of the bad guys dead. He is later seen walking to the exit of the hospital without police escort. My opinion is that they wouldn’t let him just walk out, no matter what the other cop said; blowing people up is still murder. My brother’s opinion is that it was self defense because they had kidnapped his brother. My argument was that the law wouldn’t let him get away with it because it is not self defense to blow someone up, and my brother’s argument is that they would understand because od the situation he was in. I wonder if the ending the director /writer gave us is supposed to spark this kind of discussion. If so then well done to him because this, along with character development, is the only good thing about this movie.
  • I’m glad that the main bad guy didn’t die and chased after him. However, after he’d crashed te car, I was kind of expecting him to just jump out and try and kill the hero again but I think that’s the comedy side of my brain thinking there.
  • It’s a shame that the negative far outweighed the positive for this film for me. I think it’s a Marmite film, you either love it or you hate it.



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