The Searchers

It’s an alright film. I feel that you’d have to really be in the mood for a Western to enjoy it.

  • I know that’s what it was like at the time but I hate the over-acting. The only descent actor there was John Wayne.

  • I felt no sadness towards the family’s death. I think its because I didn’t see them enough on screen or I just felt no connection to the characters.

  • HA! Spotted a mistake! When they uncovered the dead Native American, he was clearly breathing.

  • Gorgeous shots of the landscape.

  • There were a few humorous parts like the young man accidentally buying a wife. Also, the fight between these two young men was quite funny too, they were just so poliet to one another! Then one of them found a fiddle and was like “wait, there’s someone’s fiddle!” “Oh… someone take this, please.” Then the Captain/Reverend got shot in the bum; that never fails to make me laugh.

  • The more I watch these Westerns, the more I fall in love with horses. They really are such beautiful creatures.
  • The plot was good [though that’s the writer of the book that this is based on’s doing rather than the film makers] and it is visually quite stunning but… I don’t know, I just hated the acting [except John Wayne].



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