I think this is the first James Stewart movie that I’ve watched and liked.

  • Great acting by James Stewart, totally believe he could see Harvey.
  • I love that Elwood [Stewart] is so happy and pleasant in his ignorance that no one else can see Harvey. He thinks they can but they can’t and nothing seems to bother him at all. I’d get annoyed if people kept walking away when I introduced them to my friend.
  • “I thought you were dead!” “I thought she were dead!” I loved these lines, I can imagine that you get to an age where your friends drop like flies.
  • I thought it was very clever the way Mary Chase [the writer of the play the film is based on and the co-scriptwriter] made it seem, to the doctor, that Veta [Elwood’s sister] was the crazy one seeing the rabbit and not Elwood. Its amazing what rephrasing can do!
  • I guess it was classic comedy back then but I found it annoying when everyone kept interrupting Elwood when he was trying to introduce Harvey to people. I guess I just hate it when people interrupt someone.
  • Ahhh, so Elwood KNOWS Harvey isn’t real but he thinks everyone else can see him. Clever.
  • I love that even in the 50s, men were ‘obsessed’ with sex. Veta: “Judge Gaffney, is that all those doctors do in places like that – think about sex?” Judge Gaffney: “I don’t know.” Veta: “Because if it is they ought to be ashamed of themselves. It’s all in their heads anyway. Why don’t they get out and take long walks in the fresh air? You went for long walks didn‘t you Judge Gaffney!” Judge Gaffney: [coughs and looks away]
  • It’s a nice little film, works well considering its originally a play. I can see that it was a big comedy hit of its time. I think if it were redone today, we could alter a few gags and jokes and it would be a hit. I read Spielberg was supposed to redo it but stopped because of ‘visions’ or something. Shame, I think it would really work in our modern times. However, one line should stay the same:

    “Miss Kelly, perhaps you’d like this flower. I seem to have misplaced my buttonhole.”



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