The Man Who Would Be King

My 100th film! I’ve now watched 100 films since the beginning of this year! Will probably do ‘big celebration’ for my 106th film because then I’ll be half way through my challenge!

Anyways, this was a good film to have as my 100th, got to love a bit of Sean Connery and Michael Caine.

  • Michael Caine’s makeup in the opening scene made me think of Team America which has ruined practically every movie for me because now I seem to not be able to get through a movie [mainly action] without thinking about Team America!
  • Sean Connery and Michael Caine are a great pair though I feel there could have been a tad bit more best friend chemistry but it was still pretty damn good.
  • I laughed when the army was walking by. The army is a mixture of different towns/cities, each town/city wearing a different colour. It looked like the opening to the Olympics.
  • Mrs Michael Caine makes an appearance. I didn’t know who she was but my mum and dad immediately went “MRS CAINE!” We thought it must have been funny for Michael Caine to see his wife be ‘married’ to Sean Connery.
  • This movie should be seen for the location shots alone. They had a great location manager.
  • This movie is the [now] classic tale of the test of BFFness [best friend forever-ness]. The moral of the story is… don’t give your BFF power because they’ll bugger it all up.
  • Bit of a crap review but it was really good.



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