The Boy In The Striped Pajamas

I’m very tired so once again, this review might not make much sense and not give the film justice as it is a great film. Incredibly heartbreaking and I was crying bucket loads by the end of the movie but that’s what made it so great, to of sparked such an emotion from me.

  • Its set in Berlin yet the film is in English. I don’t know why but I hate that about these war films, I’d rather they be in the native tongue but I suppose that’s too much for most audience members.

  • I really feel for the actors playing Nazis, it must be such a horrible thing to do.

  • I loved that the film is from a child’s point of view and how blissfully ignorant they were about the war and the camps. I didn’t feel it glossed over the point of war because we’re seeing it through a child’s eyes.

  • I thought it was interesting to show the war from a Nazi families’ point of view; not everyone in a Nazi soldier’s family hated Jewish people. I guess we tend to forget the Nazi’s had family too. I thought it was clever to show that the mum is clearly not ok with the Nazi ways but stayed silent for her family and the love of her husband [who, I‘m guessing, was a lovely man before the war]. It was very interesting to see how she could be silent at home but not when they moved and the camp was in their back garden and she could see [and smell] the horror.

  • I hate seeing how horrible Jewish people were treated but it must be seen. It makes me feel sick to my stomach that there were humans that would do this to other humans. I have no family members who were German nor Jewish so I don’t know why I feel so terrible and guilty when I see how Jewish people were treated. I guess I feel terrible about being the same specie as the people who did it to them.

  • “Have fun with Gretel?” and the brother makes a fart noise [a raspberry] which made me laugh as that’s what my brother does whenever he disagrees with something.

  • Pavel [a Jewish doctor who is now a potato peeler for the Nazi family] helps Bruno [our main character, 8 years old with the bluest eyes ever!] with his bloody knee after he’d fallen off the tree and the mum comes in and asks questions, as soon as Bruno left and the mum looked at Pavel, I was like “say thank you, say thank you, please say thank you, say thank you” and for a moment I was about to hate the mum for not saying it but then she thanks him! YAY! She’s not a bad woman after all! YAY!

  • Bruno says something along the lines of “I hate being stuck here with no one, you’re lucky because you get to be in that camp with friends to play with.” That’s what I mean about the beautiful of a child’s ignorance during the war. Oh, how I wish I still had that ignorance.

  • “They smell worse when they burn, don’t they?” Horrible. Just horrible. It must have been horrible for the actor to say it, kudos to him.

  • There is a small twist in the film which lead me to really hate Bruno but some how, and I don’t know how, he manages to redeem himself and I’m no longer pissed off at him! All he did was say “I’m sorry, are we still friends?” and… well, I think its because Shmuel [the boy in the striped pajamas] forgave him that I did too.

  • The Nazi’s show a film about ‘how wonderful camp life is’ and its just disgusting. THAT video is what glossed over it all, not the child’s innocence. Sorry, I read that a film critic didn’t like this film because it ‘glossed over’ the horror of camp but they didn’t seem to realize that its from a child’s point of view, not the adults who saw it for what it truly was.

  • The ending… oh, the ending… I don’t want to really talk about the ending because I want you all to watch it. Just have tissues ready. A lot of tissues.
  • 99/212



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