The Seventh Seal

Its an interesting movie. I found myself making a mental note that if I were to ever have to write a piece at college about religion in film, I’d definitely chose this one to analyze. So to any film students out there, this is a great film to analyze when it comes to religion and religion portrayed in movies.

  • Scary music at the beginning!
  • The cinematography is very artistic and wonderfully choreographed.
  • I love the thought of playing chess with Death to try and stay alive. Especially as the kid next door who I baby-sit has taught me how to play it!
  • The film is surprisingly fast-paced, at least I found it to be. I half expected it all to drag on and be boring but it managed not to be! There are a few ‘different’ and unexpected things like seeing Death, the sleeping man actually being a corpse, the visions and stuff. Its weird but in an acceptable, understandable way. It kept it interesting for me.
  • This movie asks the hard questions that either religious people secretly think or will never ask and never answer. I don’t really believe in this God stuff and Jesus dieing for our sins and all that so I think the people who whip themselves for their sins and think the Devil is in people are mental. Obviously, I respect their religion and wouldn’t tell them not to believe but I can’t say that I agree with it.
  • The baby is a cutie! I’m such a softie!
  • The Dance of Death. I looked it up on Wikipedia after I watched the movie and I thought it was a great idea to put it into the movie. Its so fantastic, visually. It says [on Wikipedia] “no matter one’s station in life, the dance of death unites all” and that its to remind everyone that death can happen at any stage of life and therefore we should live life to the fullest. I love that.
  • 98/212


    [WOOO! I’m back on schedule and no longer behind! However, I’m going to Animal Kingdom tomorrow and I doubt I’ll want to watch a movie after that but we’ll see!]

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