Dances with Wolves

Its actually not as bad as my dad made it out to be *glares at dad*. It is long, its very very VERY long but its good… its kind of like watching episodes of a TV show back-to-back. So I’d recommend you watch this if you have nothing else to do for the whole day.

  • I clicked ‘play’ and was just about to take my first bite out of my Easter cookie [which tasted like something my dad would use for DIY but what do I expect for 50¢] when the first shot we see is of a LOT OF BLOOD! So don’t eat when you’re watching the start. Also, I’d advise vegetarians or animal lovers not to watch this film either, it will just upset you and make you cry and make everyone around you annoyed with you for your crying.
  • I didn’t think it but I actually laughed quite a few times in this movie. It has some surprisingly elements of humor and I loved it! Its mainly between the differences between the two cultures [‘white’ and the native Americans] but I’m still surprised that I found myself giggling.
  • It is VERY long, nearly 4 hours and within 19 minutes of the film, I could already spot parts that could have been very easily edited out. Maybe I could see what could have been chopped and put onto the DVD as additional scenes because I want to be a film editor when I leave college but I think everyone can agree that nearly 4 hours is too damn long for a drama. But, like I mentioned at the beginning, it isn’t boringly long, it just feels like a TV show omnibus.
  • The costumes and set are fantastic, I totally felt the era.
  • The animals, especially Two Socks [the wolf] and Cisco [the horse], are beautiful. However, I kept finding myself giving the animals voices, like what they’re thinking. I amuse myself sometimes!
  • Nice butt shot.
  • I’m so jealous of Kevin Costner’s hair. Its so full of volume and silky and a lovely colour!
  • 2hr 13min mark and we have an intermission! Seriously! I don’t know why I found this so amusing.
  • Kevin Costner’s character’s name changes to Dances With Wolves! I know that I probably should of worked it out a lot sooner that when it was actually said on the screen.
  • I loved the story of how Stands With A Fist got her name, I could picture it happening in my mind as she told her story.
  • Kevin Costner directed this movie as well as starring and producing it and… is it immature of me to think its weird to direct your own love scene?
  • Tehehe, love the name Smiles A Lot.
  • Wow, go Grandma! YAY! Go little kids, go!
  • I loved that when one of the men died, they gathered around the fire and exchanged funny stories about the deceased. That’s what funerals should be like, not all this sadness.
  • Ignore what people say about this film. Its good. Long. But good. If you’ve watched TV show episodes back-to-back, you can deal with watching this movie.



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