2 Days In Paris

  • I liked the use of photography in this movie because its about a holiday and the photos are like vacation photos. At one point, every word Marion [Delpy] said had a photo that was displayed. I loved that effect.
  • The main guy, Jack [Goldberg] is the biggest hypochondriac EVER and moans about everything and I was just like ‘how the hell can anyone love him?’. He had his moments and he was funny but that was about it! He found something wrong about everything! He was actually worse than my granddad Tony and I can say what I like about him because he doesn’t have the internet!
  • “No sarcasm in Paris.” “Ok, I’ll be quiet for 2 days.”
  • The couple are constantly arguing, I don’t see how they could be together but they somehow are and I believe it!
  • This movie is kind of like Meet the Parents but in French and a tad more realistic. And a photo involving helium balloons and a reproductive organ.
  • There’s a freaky scene with a freaky man who just stares at our couple, mostly Marion and its in a way like he’s about to suddenly make-out with her! Its so freaky but Jack’s reaction [big eyes!] is quite funny.
  • The film is kind of like a rom-com but more realistic and doesn’t really follow the rom-com rules if you know what I mean… like, there’s no slapstick or stuff like that… and no Jennifer Aniston…
  • There’s a little theme about it being a ‘small world’. Jack reads a book on the ‘small world’ theory and therefore spent most of his time in Venice looking for people he knew and never did. In Paris, Marion is constantly bumping into people she knows. Jack finally finds people he knows but its really bad because he’d told them the wrong way to the Louvre the previous morning and they’d been walking ever since. It made me go ‘ooooooooooo gutted!’
  • There was a sweet yet sad moment when Marion and Jack had just argued and Marion sees what she wishes was happening in the crowd which is her and Jack dancing and laughing to the music.
  • Lovely film, really sweet and funny.



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