Being John Malkovich

Its weird like Donnie Darko and yet Donnie Darko is funnier than this movie. Being John Malkovich is supposed to be a drama and comedy but its not funny at all. It really tries to be but its painfully unfunny. Its good at being weird but that’s about it.

  • Amazing puppet work at the beginning.
  • Cameron Diaz is in it and she looks normal and nerdy!
  • Being a Harry Potter nerd, I loved the floor being 7 ½.
  • The woman who does the play-on-words thing is just not funny. It tries to be but its not. At all.
  • Wow, very fast hands!!
  • John Cusack finds a portal into the mind of John Malkovich. Awesome idea but not for a comedy! NOT A COMEDY!
  • It was interesting and the only part that is funny is when John Malkovich goes into the mind of John Malkovich and sees nothing but John Malkovichs.
  • I thought John Malcovich’s acting when he was possessed by Schwartz, he got John Cusack’s mannerisms perfectly.
  • The documentary part is supposed to be funny but its not.
  • Maybe I’m just too warped by Will Farrell and South Park to not find this funny.



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