The Lady Eve

8.15pm- I chose one of the shortest films in my list [that’s on demand] to do tonight because I am so tired! I spent a lovely day at NASA and now I just want to sleep but I know if I don’t do a film tonight then I’ll be 3 behind!

10.58pm –

  • Opening is a cartoon of a happy, smiley, goofy snake with a top hat and maracas. Immediately know it’s a comedy.
  • One of the things that I love about movies from the 40s is the glow that they have; it manages to make everything look incredibly beautiful!
  • I loved a scene at the beginning where Jean is watching all these women try all the tricks in the book to get Charles Pike’s attention. It was so funny to watch these women do the tricks which I know are real things women do but they’re so over exaggerated that they’re very comical; we all know someone who has tried one of those tricks [like moving past them so they get a good view of your bum!] Then Jean manages to get him with the ‘revealing leg’ trick.
  • Barbara Stanwyck and Henry Fonda are great in this movie, they have fantastic chemistry together. Their characters, Jean/Eve and Charles are so perfectly sweet together; she’s the confident woman and he’s the innocent man which is a nice gender change!
  • There are some really cool card tricks in this movie, especially by Harrington [Jean’s dad]. What makes it even better is that it looks so cool that I have to remind myself they didn’t have CGI in those days!
  • As much as I love the characters on their own and even more together, I hated that they were going to get married after one day of knowing each other. At least, I thought it was only one day as they didn’t show any sign of it being a couple of weeks or days into the future. It was all going lovely and sweet until they talked about marriage and it kind of ruined it for me.
  • Charles finds out who Jean is and I felt terrible for him! You really do get a bit emotionally attached to these characters, especially Charles because he’s so innocent.
  • Stanwyck wears a gorgeous white dress in a scene with a HUGE white feather fan, its so beautiful!
  • I didn’t like that Charles didn’t recognize Eve was Jean just because she put on a [crap] British accent. However, Eve/Jean then said that they look different to each other because they were no longer in love and therefore saw each other in a completely different way.
  • There’s a lot of slapstick in this movie but I don’t feel it was done quite right because it looked more painful than funny. I found myself wincing rather than laughing.
  • Anyone seen Cake Boss or that show were they make a cake in like 6 hours or something? The wedding cake in this movie looked like it came from them! It was huge and it was beautiful! Oooo I want some cake now!
  • I laughed when Eve/Jean was ‘revealing’ the names of men she’d been with and it would cut to a shot of the train going faster and noiser then back to her ‘revealing’ another name then to the train then another name, and the more names were revealed the fast the train went! I thought I was a funny metaphor.
  • They meet again, they kiss and I go “wait, WHAT?! No… wait… actually, that does make sense…”
  • Very enjoyable film with two wonderful leading characters in it, they should make more romantic comedies like this one! The storyline is predictable but its done in a tasteful manner. I liked it!



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