7.08pm – Notepad is on desk, pen in one hand & a Cream Egg in the other! I am ready to watch this after putting it off for so long.

9.15pm – Wow. I have a love-hate relationship with this movie. Oh, and if you don’t like seeing sex or anything remotely sexual on screen, this is the biggest no-no EVER!

  • The opening credits are these green lettering that look like they’re from an 80s’ computer screen and they go by really fast and totally buggered my eyes up!
  • 0.28 – 2.55 is just one shot of our main character, Joe, asleep to a rather groovy song. What is one screen is boring so I found myself looking at my Cream Egg and dancing in my seat as I ate it.
  • This is what I loved about this movie; the camera and editing techniques. It had a feeling of a mixture of a home video and being really artsy, if you know what I mean… like the home movie of an artist. And it has jump cuts and short cuts and they’re separated with quick white light and I just loved it! Unfortunately, there was only two other things that I liked about this movie but from a wannabe filmmaker’s point of view, I found the techniques to be very interesting and inspiring.
  • Crap acting from everyone. Pure crap. A squirrel could of done better. A dead squirrel could of done better.
  • He needs to get $200 for his wife’s girlfriend’s abortion. That’s just about as confusing as the movie gets but it doesn’t get any less confusing. His wife wraps laced ribbon round his penis and says it looks pretty. Its just… something I’m not used to and therefore its f*****g weird.
  • The first scene I enjoyed was this really long one where Joe is playing with his son [which is the actor’s real son] and the baby is so damn cute! Joe helps the kid eat a cupcake and it reminded me of the only video we have of me as a baby which is of my 1st birthday and there’s a part where my dad is helping me with Smarties. However, in the movie, Joe was naked. My dad was not. Once again, its pretty weird though I know its supposed to be ‘artistic’. Its just weird.
  • I made a note that a 28.27 ‘OMG I’m so freaking bored.” And I think I was bored for another 20 minutes after that.
  • Then, hurrah, we finally get an interesting character who has a bloody personality! Jackie Curtis just made this film for me. He’s fabulous and looks fantastic. He’s a transvestite but his make-up is quite subtle and really complimented his face. Anyways, he cracked jokes and stuff and was the only good character in the whole damn thing.
  • Short review for a film that I just didn’t feel a link too. I’m just not artistic or stoned enough to enjoy it. Sowwy Andy Warhol!



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