If I did star, I’d give this movie about *** … its good but I think I’d only watch it again if it were on TV. Nothing special but watchable.

  • Jason Schwartzman, in this movie, looks like a cross between Tom Cruise and Stanley Tucci. It’s a weird combination.
  • Schwartzman’s character, Max, is a very different kind of nerd. He does far too many extra curricular activities, he dresses smart, uses ‘posh’ language yet he’s failing all his classes. I thought this was a very clever idea for a character.
  • Bill Murray is his usual funny self but its in a goofy adult way rather than just goofy.
  • Max is psychotic. Proper mental. He’s like those obsessed people you see in those movies and they actually think they’re in a real relationship with someone but its all in their head. This is kind of a slight spoof on that, I guess…or just a funny take on it.
  • I loved the little childish war between Max and Mr Blume [Murray’s character]. They’re very smart men [Max’s maturity is well beyond his years] yet when it comes to a woman, they go back to being 10. Max puts bees in Mr Blume’s hotel room, he ruins Max’s bike. Max cuts the breaks on Mr Blume’s car, he reports him to the police. And its all done to a song that is all about being forgiven.
  • I liked that they used an actual Scottish person to play a Scottish character and not an American failing badly at an accent.
  • The plays in this movie, that are created by Max, are fantastic! They’re a million times better than the shit we did at school! The Vietnam play was amazing with explosions and everything! Our version of ‘Memory of Water’ looks like dogcrap compared to this! And then they have a proper after party which is still themed on the Vietnam war! Wish we’d done that…
  • Sorry the review is so short but that’s all I felt was worth writing down. Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy it but… y’know, I’ve seen better!



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