A Canterbury Tale

3.44pm – I’ll be watching this in 2 parts as my grandma is flying over today from UK to visit and she’ll be landing at 5 and stuff and then I want to watch the finale of Cake Boss >.< so I'll be watching some now before we go to the airport then some after Cake Boss. Might review it in two parts then so I don't forget or something… don't know, we'll see!

11.55pm – Hmm. This would have been a great film if… it wasn’t about glue…

  • I panicked a bit at first because it starts with narrating and the language is very old and quite hard to understand [poor little simpleton like me can’t understand, anyways]. I did kind of understand that they were trying to compare olden times with horses to ‘modern’ times with tanks, it was a bit like poetry. However, its not like that throughout, thank God. Don’t think I could watch a 2 hour film where I didn’t understand a single word they were saying, at least French films have bloody subtitles!
  • I’m sorry but my next note was that I felt like I was watching a very old version of Harry Potter! The only real connection is that there’s two males and a female and they’re ‘investigating’. I’m a Potter Nerd, if you hadn’t guessed, tehehe.
  • I loved that it showed how quite different America and England are. I lived in England for 18 years and only just moved to USA so I can’t totally understand these differences. There was a good scene near the end where the Englishman and the American were discussing the differences between the two countries in a way that makes me feel I’ll probably have the same conversation when I go to college and meet the Americans [properly]. I thought the fact that the directors pointed out that Americans are far more polite than the English. The American soldier in the movie waves out of his window to an Englishman below, saying ‘good morning’ or something along those lines. The Englishman gives him a weird look and walks away. I’ve mentioned this before and I’ll mention it again, this is exactly what would happen in England today. If someone in England came up to you and said ‘good morning’ you’d think he was drunk or something. It’s a shame but it’s the truth.
  • I thought the movie was quite pleasant, to the point where the first 30 minutes flew by and I had to stop and get my Grandma and Mike from the airport. However, the next 1hr and a half went by rather slowly… probably because I was tired or something but either ways, the end dragged on. Probably because that part is all about them trying to find out who pours glue on women’s heads like it’s a bloody murder case! I’m sorry but its just ridiculous.
  • I loved the lighting in this, where they sometimes light up only the eyes, like they’re the most emotional part of the face. I know this is a technique that was very popular in the 30s and 40s and it’s a shame that its not used these days. The eyes are the most emotional… I guess there are some actresses these days that are dead behind the eyes… *cough* that girl from Twilight *cough*…
  • There’s some uber cute kids in this movie. Cutest is the ‘commander’ who clearly hasn’t been given any lines and just been told to drink the lemonade because he talks a little to himself about the lemonade and everyone ignores him. Its quite adorable.
  • I repeat… this would have been a great film if it wasn’t about the glue man. Sorry, but it totally ruined it for me. Now I’m off to go onto YouTube and watch Rufus Hound dance to ‘Fight For This Love’.



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