To Kill A Mockingbird

It’s a good film but its just not my cup of tea, to be perfectly honest. I just didn’t really enjoy it yet I can see why it’s a classic, if that makes any sense? I only made a few notes, sorry!

  • Nice opening sequence with the close-ups of child things, mainly arts and crafts. Obviously, now having watched the whole movie, I understand why they’re so special. You get the feeling in the beginning that they’re kind of special anyways.
  • Unfortunately, I didn’t write any more notes until the last 40 minutes when it actually started to get remotely interesting to me. The court scene was what woke me up, however I think this is mainly the books fault rather than the film. I thought that the people saying she had been severely beaten on the right side of her face which means the beater must have been left handed and seeing as the convicted, Tom Robinson [a black man], can’t use his left arm due to an accident he had once, its pretty obvious that he didn’t do it and that the dad did it [who wrote his name with his left hand]. Its so simple yet brilliant. But, like I said, that’s more the book’s doing rather than the movie. If you hate racism, like my brother who, if he was watching this movie with me, would of gone total ape-shit over the result of the trial, you probably would too. Its so horrible knowing that this kind of discrimination happened and still is happening, to a degree. Its so horrible.
  • Fantastic acting by Brock Peters [who played Robinson] and Gregory Peck [who was the main guy, the dad] has the most gorgeous voice ever! I could listen to it all day! Its so smooth and soothing!
  • The ham costume is so cute and funny. However, it made the supposedly horrible scene quite comical because she’s a ham.
  • So yeah… sorry for the short review, didn’t really feel that much of a connection to this movie.



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