Le Samouraï

I liked this film. Probably won’t ever watch it again but I liked it.

  • Nice first shot which is of a bedroom, the colours are dull yet it still looks rather artistic. This shot is held for quite a while so you get to look around the screen and noticed that its raining, there’s hardly anything in the room, the beds don’t have bed sheets and there is a little bird in a cage. I think the fact that his place isn’t very ‘homey’ or a place anyone would want to live in gives me the immediate impression that he’s the ‘Samouraï’ as hit men don’t like to attach themselves to things. Thank you, Léon: The Professional! Then there’s suddenly dodgy camera work which made me think that the director is trying to distract the ‘Samouraï’ but he doesn’t move.
  • The ‘Samouraï’ casually steals a car with a big set of keys. He’s clearly a professional and everyone watching will want those keys. Its interesting that the director is saying that if you’ve got a set of keys in all different ‘dents’ [or whatever makes key’s ‘unique’] then you’ll always find one that works on any lock! Probably not anymore these days but its still a scary thought!
  • There is a women who we see for about 20 seconds who totally gives it away that it’s the ‘60s with the eye make-up. Very white with big eyelashes and ooo, its just very ‘60s! To be honest, the only things that give it away that it’s the ‘60s is some of the women and the transport. If you just showed a clip of the ‘Samouraï’ in his flat, you wouldn’t of thought it was over 40 years old!
  • For something like the first 15 minutes, the ‘Samouraï’ doesn’t say a word and actually, not a word is spoken at all by anyone. There’s really hardly any speech in this compared to most crime thrillers. It keeps it very interesting though at the audience is constantly wondering what the ‘Samouraï’ is thinking and what he’s going to do next.
  • When Jeff [our ‘Samouraï’] does the killing then leaves the bar, he doesn’t do it very conspicuously. He’s practically running out, looking shifty, with a trench coat and hat! And the staff were almost like “what? He seriously thinks we can’t see him?!” It would have been quite comical but somehow it didn’t. It just made you go “oh, come on!”.
  • Do French people ever lock their cars?! Ever?!
  • I smiled at one shot where it overlooks all the people the police arrested who are wearing trench coats and hats. Its loads more than you’d think!
    I’m sorry but the little 8 year old in me chuckled at one of the characters being called ‘Wiener’.
  • I thought that the alibis Jeff set up were very good and very well planned out. To be honest, it was actually a little unbelievable that the police were like ‘it’s a fake alibi’.
  • There’s a sad scene where Jeff is wrapping up his wound by himself. It just shows how alone his job has made him. He doesn’t ask for pity at all, its not shot like that, you just happen to watch and feel the aloneness.
  • I was very impressed by the pianist who is clearly a professional or a incredibly good hand-actress! Her hands have a complete mind of their own as her eyes [and brain, probably] are totally on Jeff. Its actually quite a beautiful scene.
  • The police try to bug his flat and record his talks but there’s no point! He hardly talks!
  • I quite liked the police’s technique of having people everywhere, following Jeff and flicking the switch on their bracelets so that a light goes off in the police station to say where Jeff is. I didn’t quite believe how Jeff got away but whatever. I’m to tired to argue, lol. Also, didn’t like that all the train platforms were empty but the trains themselves had quite a few people on them. Sorry, I think that’s just me being picky now.
  • There’s a few more notes but I’m tired and I’ve got to get up early tomorrow to do volunteering work so I can get a free ticket to Disneyland because I’m still 6 on the inside!

    “There is no greater solitude than that of the Samurai, unless it is that of the tiger in the jungle… perhaps…”



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