A Little Note About Film Piracy

I just want to make a small note about my opinion and feelings towards movie piracy. Please, I am begging you, if you read this blog or you read about a movie somewhere and you want to watch it, don’t download it illegally or buy a pirate copy. I know times are tough and I know some of us don’t have that much money but the more people download or buy pirate copies of these fantastic movies, the less there will be. You may think that Hollywood has loads of money and therefore a few pirate DVDs won’t do any harm but it does. The reason Hollywood gets the money to continue to produce movies is from ticket and DVD sales. And its never just you that thinks “one DVD won’t hurt”. Its got to be in the millions. The more people get these movies illegally, the more films get turned down and don’t get made. Especially independent movies. You may think that all these right people in Hollywood can fund these movies but for how long? Soon, there will be so little funding money that there will probably only be 20 movies released a year and I bet most of them will be bloody Adam Sandler movies. Do you want that?! Do you want just Adam Sandler movies in the theater?! [My brother: “HELL YEAH!” but he’s a dork]. You all probably think I’m over exaggerating but I’m not. I’m so thankful that in the USA we have Netflix and I think that they should do Netflix in the UK too. It would do sooo well! England has LoveFilm but… its no Netflix.

Piracy and illegal downloading is killing the film industry and soon there will be no good films left to download or get for $3 from some dude round the corner.

So please. I am begging you. Don’t buy pirate DVDs. Don’t download movies illegally. Or there will only be shit movies left.


PS: Adam Sandler movies are shit, don’t lie to yourself ^_- [I am joking, just so you know, its so damn hard to get joking across on the internet.]

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