The Big Country

7.51pm – I know I shouldn’t judge a film by its synopsis but this films sounds really boring. Lets hope I’m proven wrong as its 2hr 47min long. Pleeease let me be wrong!!!

11.23pm – Oh God. Another movie that didn’t click with me. Shame.

  • The beginning was horses and trumpets which equals western so we know straight away what genre it is. I have nothing against Westerns but its not a genre that usually grabs my attention so it has to be a REALLY good western for me to actually stay focused to it.
  • I felt a little confused by the characters but I think its intentional. We have two families who are super pissed off with each other; the Hannaseys and the Terrils. The town has kind of split into two, you have to pick a side. Now, at first, you think the Hannaseys are the bad family as we see them mucking about and being incredibly annoying thinking that they’re being cool [and I know people like that *cough* my brother *cough*]. I hated them there and then. Then we’re introduced to the Terrils who seem polite and civilized until the daughter complains that the Hannaseys were harassing her and her man [which is true but she made it seem a thousand times worse] and then they go out hunting for ‘some Hannaseys’. Once they find them, they tie them up, drag them into a barn and beat them up. The Hannaseys are piss people off thinking its fun whereas the Terrils do it for serious harm. I found myself switching sides and thinking that the Hannaseys were the good guys, even though the main son was one of the biggest assholes I’ve seen in movies.
  • The daughter wears a beautiful black dress that you wouldn’t expect to see in a western, more like in a Marilyn Monroe movie. But I did laugh when she made her ‘grand entrance’ at the top of the stairs by shouting ‘HEY Y’ALL!’
  • The lighting is very beautiful in this movie, the natural lighting in particular. The director took good advantage of the sunsets and rises.
  • There is a fight in a field that is just pathetic. It would have been so much more intresting if there was some quicker music and some close-ups or some quicker editing. It just made me yawn.
  • I learnt something from this movie; don’t get trigger happy when you’re in a one bullet fight.
  • Towards the end, there is a sad scene where the dad Hannasey shoots his son because he shot his gun before his dad said fire even though his dad said “I’ll shot the dog who fires before I say”. Its sad because he’s holding his dead son going “you didn’t believe I’d do it!”
  • Suppose the basic idea with the families was a good idea but the rest… ergh, just didn’t work for me.



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