It’s A Wonderful Life

I’m sorry! I’m so so sorry but… I don’t know… this film just didn’t do it for me! I’m so sorry! I know it’s a classic and all and that’s why I feel so bad about not really liking it! Here are some of my notes. They’re mostly good but please forgive me if I say a few negative ones!

  • The opening credits being in a [Christmassy] book were lovely! Even though it was in black and white, you could still tell where the glitter was.
  • Ok, first negative note; what the hell is up with the talking cloud/galaxies?! I know they’re meant to be angels or something but bloody hell, it just seeed ridiculous to me.
  • The women in the 40s [and 50s] were so naturally beautiful and them seem to wear hardly any make-up! Not like now-a-days where they’re caked in it. I also love this era of film because there is a certain glow to the actual film, its so lovely and highlights the actresses in the most flattering way! That’s why I like to use it on my videos on YouTube!
  • The party scene where the floor opens to reveal a pool. How. Freaking. AWESOME! I want one! Why didn’t our school do that?!
  • James Stewart and Donna Reed look far too old to be ‘18’ and graduating. It felt very ‘Grease’ to me!
  • I liked that it was pretty much all talking. It was a good script.
  • I did chuckle at the classic drunk scene where the drunken person walks off screen and we hear all this noise of things falling over and the drunk shouts “I’M ALRIGHT!”
  • The teenager in me yawned at all the bank stuff. I’m sorry, its just so boring to me and I lost interest quite quickly.
  • $2 left and they’re called mama bill and papa bill; so cute.
  • “You’re worth more dead than alive.” I’ve learnt that you do NOT say that to a man who is on his knees, begging for money.
  • Ok, here comes the big nag you’re all going to hate me for. The reason this movie just didn’t work for me was because the whole point of the movie came in in the last 20 minutes of the movie! It felt, to me, like they’d written the whole thing and then were like “ah, we’ve got 20 minutes to kill, I know, we’ll do a little Christmas Carol and send him to when he’d never been born, yeah, that’ll work”. I’m sorry, I know that they probably didn’t think like that but that’s how I felt. They’d shot it all, felt it was unfinished then just shoved a few ‘angels’ in it. I’m sorry, it was just ridiculous and sloppy to me.
  • The guardian angel is a sweet character and the only thing that made the ending watchable.
  • Please don’t shoot me. I know you all have your own opinions but this one is mine, please respect it as I respect yours.



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