This movie is totally, freaking AWESOME! I know that’s very teenage thing to say but whatever, it is. Its beyond awesome. I love it! I love disaster movies, love them love them love them! And this one is so cool because of… well, my notes will explain the awesomeness;

  • The entire movie is hand-held. I love this technique because it makes you feel like you’re either in the action or you’re watching someone’s home movie and not a Hollywood movie. It makes it all feel that much real. 31min in, my brother, Tom [who I watched this movie with in the dark which made it equally awesome as the first time I saw it was on a tiny screen, stuck on an airplane] declared he needed a pee-break [ah, the wonder of the pause button] and I asked him what he thought so far as it was his first time and I wanted a second opinion for this blog, he said “its really good! Its like I‘m there!”. This, my friends, is why this movie is so sweet. You’re in the action, you’re the one running away from the scary thing attacking New York city, you’re not just watching it from no ones point of view and clearly watching a Hollywood blockbuster. I know I’m just repeating myself a little here but what makes this movie so entertaining is the fact that it’s a home video which makes it feel so real and that heightens to tension and fear and awesomeness.
  • There are moments when the camera gets dropped or they rewind to see what he filmed and we see a little clip of what was already on the tape. These are clips of two of the main characters, back when they were in love and having a normal day out, being all romantic and stuff. It reminds us [though we don’t really need reminding] that we’re watching someone else’s home movie. We also get glimpses of what life ‘used to’ be like. We get contrasts of what a normal day would be like and this weird, disaster.
  • The camera guy, Hud, is a character purely by his voice. We see him, like, 4 times in the whole movie. But it works! He’s the quirky, funny guy which makes him perfect for the running commentary for the filming. However, he’s not annoyingly funny. He manages to be funny in the exact right moments. Not once did I think “ok, there was no need for him to say that, that’s just not funny”. Also made Tom laugh a few times, I could tell he could relate to this guy. Actually, he could relate so much that he said if we ended up like that, that he would be the one filming because he’s do all the funny commentary but I was like “hell no, I’m filming, I’m the one who wants to be a director, and you’d just be annoying with your crappy commentary”. I know you’re probably thinking “why would you even be in that situation?!” but Tom said something very interesting, that this movie almost makes you want to be in a disaster or attacked by weird things. Its incredibly weird as most of the people die and you‘d probably die too or be horribly injured. But I can see what he means. And I’d obviously film it. He can film on his Blackberry, I’m using the HD camcorder.
  • Some disaster movies gloss over the reality of what would happened if something like this would happen. They gloss over the casualties and the emotional trauma that comes with it all. As Hud and the group make their way through New York, Hud films some of the hundreds of people being treated and them all screaming in pain or stress or terror or all three. I feel that made it that extra more real.
  • I was thinking this but Tom was the first to mention it; shouldn’t the girls take their heels off?! Just walking around town in heels kills my feet, imagine running around for your life and climbing fallen-down buildings in 4 inch heels! It hurts my feet just thinking about it! Suppose you can’t really take them off outside as you’d be barefoot and your feet would be in a worse state, what with all the broken glass from windows and so on…
  • There is a little “Blair Witch Project” in one scene but its used in a totally different way. Of course, being in the dark and not being able to see anything yet knowing something is there is mentally terrifying. However, we soon realize that not seeing is far better than actually see what it is. Like Eddie Izzard once said “what’s worse than seeing a spider is not seeing a spider.” Then Hud turns the night-vision on and all hell breaks loose! Its awesome!
  • The girl from Mean Girls explodes. I’m not gonna say when buts its totally gross and cool.
  • The film itself is only something like 1hr 13min long which is just perfect. Tom actually wanted it to be longer but I don’t think it would of worked if… actually, scrap that, I bet it would still be awesome if it were another 30min long.
  • I can’t believe I managed to write a long review without actually giving all of the film away. I’m quite proud. But I seriously don’t think I can speak any more highly of this movie. I can’t express how much I love it. I think its actually made it into my Top 5 movies of all time. Its just fantastic. I could easily watch it again right now.

    Amount of times I said ‘awesome’: 6. It would have been 7 but I changed one of them to ‘sweet’. Sorry!!!




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    1. I thought I’d love this film, it looked like the sort of thing I’d like but….
      They were so damned stupid !

      I’ve had to run for my life more than once (by the way you’d be amazed how easy it is to run in 6″ stillettoes when there’s a nutter with a knife after you !) & these people desevered to die.
      The second rule of survival is – If the rats are running away from something, run faster than them – don’t stop & have nose to see what’s scared them !
      There is nothing that would make a New York sewer rat run that you would want to come face to face with.

      Not to mention the fact that the Statue of Liberty’s head was way too small. I know it looked really big but people walk about in it so it should have been much bigger.
      Sorry but this film was a real let down for me.

      • About the rats… I think that if I was in that situation where all that was on my mind was the fact that my brother/friend had just died from some unknown alien creature that was destroying the city I lived in and that I might be the next to die may just delay my thoughts a little that I should run in the same direction as the rats run lol ^_^

        So, these two small things are what ruined the movie for you? Wow, its interesting to see how things can affect a person’s viewing. I’m not dissing you, at all, [which is what this reply probably sounds like but it wouldn’t if I was actually speaking it to you >.<] we're all entitled to our own opinion, I'm just saying that I find reading other people's opinions very interesting.


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