It’s a great movie with two Hollywood greats; Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant. This film has more twists and turns than any movie I’ve ever seen!

  • Hepburn and Grant have fantastic chemistry together and just bounce off each other. Their scripted banter is brilliant, very quick and witty, bit like Gilmore Girls though obviously far better and less annoying. Hepburn’s character may look elegant but she’s got a sharp tongue with a cheeky twinkle in her eye.
  • We have three people come into Regina’s [Hepburn] husband’s funeral, all seeming to check whether the body is actually dead and are not there to pay their respects. Turns out, these men want Regina’s husband’s money that they claim is theirs. These three men are quite terrifying in their own ways; we have the tall one with a hook for a hand who’s scary for obvious reasons, we have the short old man who’s scary with words and the average man who’s scary because he’ll use torture without twitching. They hunt Regina down who is helpless as she does not know where the money is and the mad men won’t believe her. Its frustratingly good to watch.
  • I’m a girl who loves fashion so I can’t help but make a note on Hepburn’s wardrobe. As always, she’s effortlessly elegant. I’ll be honest, this is the first Hepburn movie I’ve watched the whole way through but I still know her as an icon. One outfit that really made me go “ooooo!” was her gorgeous bright pink coat and leopard print hat. I really want a pink coat but there’s no point in really owning a coat here in Florida. Though, the past few days have been a bit chilly but not coat weather. Sorry, totally off topic there!
  • There’s one characteristic that Regina has that I think a lot of women can relate to and that is that whenever she’s nervous, anxious or upset, she eats. Obviously, she doesn’t gain a single pound like the rest of us but whatever. It’s a simple thing that many women [and indeed some men] can relate to.
    There’s this weird game that they play in this restaurent/bar thing. One person has an orange under their chin and has to pass it to the next person without dropping it or using their arms. I’ve never heard or seen this game before. It would be fun to do if the person you have to pass it to was someone you fancied but even not, it would be dead awkward!
  • This movie made stamps incredibly exciting! I don’t want to give it away but even people who despise stamps will find the ones in this movie very interesting.
  • There are so many more notes but they’d ruin the movie. This movie relies on the twists and turns of the plot so its best if I shut up. Its on Netflix, on demand so watch it!

    Regina: “You don’t really need these” *tries on his glasses, going cross-eyed* “You really DO need these!”



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    1. hey, just wanted to say that game thing with the oranges, ive done it! well i went to a crappy summer camp thing and they made us do it as a trust exercise or something!! and was awkward. Thanks for doing this blog, its really great, you’re so easy to relate to (i was born in london and im living in ireland, though i wouldnt call myself english, id say im pretty irish but not completely..sorry, i ramble alot!). i found this bolg through youtube and the real hollyoaks stuff (which were actually hilarious, by the way) because im kinda (ok, completely! ha ha) obsessed with jp and craig. i think im rambling again… anyway, thanks for writing these, i want to do film in college too and this is a great guide to whats good! right, ill shut up now! bye!

      • Awww, thanks for saying this is a great guide to what’s good! Thanks for feeding my ego ^_- lol. I’m glad that you find it easy to relate to as that’s what I’m aiming for! I’m hoping to do reviews that people can relate to and find easy to read with a bit of comedy ^_^

        I can’t believe there are still people obsessed with McDean after… two years isn’t it now? But anyways, thanks for seeing my blog! It means so much! Hope to hear your thoughts again soon!!!

    2. I’ve always liked this film – I love a good twisty turny keep you guessing plot – but it’s only lately that I noticed Cary Grant is old enough to be her granddad. It didn’t bother me when I was young.

      I came here from your hilarious ‘REAL Hollyoaks’ on You Tube as well. I’m a McDean fan too & at my age I really should know better !

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