It Happened One Night

This is the original rom-com. it’s the classic tale of boy meets girl, boy hates girl, girl hates boy, they slowly begin to love each other, boy misunderstands girl, girl misunderstands boy and then a happy ending. This is movie is the reason Saundra Bullock has a career. You have the stubborn, uptight woman and the cheeky, easy-going man who go on a journey together and fall in love, whether they like it or not. Its so nice to see where romantic comedies came from and how far they’ve come which, to be honest, isn’t that far. This movie could easily of been released now and it would fit in perfectly with the modern-day audiences.

This movie is shot so beautifully but its not rare amongst movies of the 1930s era. It has this gorgeous glow about it which makes it all so dreamlike and romantic. It turns simple scenes into something stunningly breathtaking. Its such a great effect that it makes Claudette Colbert’s eyes sparkle in the dark.

Even though this is a very small [and pathetic] review, I really did like this movie. I’m a sucker for a romantic comedy and this is where it all began! It is a black and white old movie but I promise you, you won’t even notice. Its timeless which is quite rare for romcoms. No matter what era, you would love this classic movie.



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  1. Sounds like the kinda film I’ve been wanting to watch. Been looking for another rom-com I haven’t seen, so thanks!

  2. It’s one of my favourite films & Claudia Colbere’s hitch hiking trick works – men really are that stupid.

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