I think that I may review Platoon in a different way than I have before and see if I like this style better. Obviously, I’ll still start with the ‘introduction’ to my feelings of the movie because you all care [ ^_- – that‘s right, just so you know I‘m joking I‘m resorting to using the lame ‘wink‘ face… ^_- ]

I’ve read that this film got praise and criticism for film reviewers and here is another review of praise. It’s a great war movie that doesn’t gloss over how violent war is and shows the two types of leading soldiers; the good and the bad. And bad soldiers unfortunately do exist on the ‘right’ side, not just ‘the enemy’ side.

Here are my notes;

  • I have this theme tune on iTunes and I didn’t even realize it! Well, I remember it being called ‘Platoon Theme’ but I’m stupid and didn’t make the connection between the title of the song and the title of the bloody movie. Thanks Josh, for sending my war songs without me knowing!
  • One of the first shots we see are the body bags which warns the audience that this is going to be a realistic war film that won’t gloss over the fact that people actually died.
  • This is a bit of a film-studies-nerdy note but the lighting in this movie is fantastic. Its hard to light up the outdoors at night so the camera can actually see them without it looking artificial. There was also the good use of having the actors block out the sun with their silhouettes which is a technique I’ve always loved.
  • IT’S DR. COX!! Its cool seeing him as someone other than Dr. Cox.
  • The ‘bad’ soldier, Tom Berenger has scars all over his face which indicates that he was attacked or blow up or something and lived which therefore makes him more badass.
  • For modern people who are used to Johnny Depp being the leading man are going to watch this and end up playing the ‘Where Is Johnny Depp’ game. He has a minor role in this movie and therefore you try to spot him throughout the whole film.
  • There is a good fight where the ‘bad’ soldier and the ‘good’ soldier, Williem Dafoe [James Franco’s dad in Spider Man to you teens out there].
  • There is a great scene where you see the effects war can have on you mentally. Charlie Sheen is all sweet and innocent then suddenly he shoots bullets at the ground, demanding a disabled Vietnamese man to dance. Sounds a little funny but its quite horrible to watch. It really shows that sometimes the mental damage war does is worse than the physical damage.
  • This movie shows that not all soldiers are heroes. We need to remember this. If we treat these ‘bad’ soldiers the same as the ‘real’ soldiers, then they’re going to get worse.
  • It made me want to watch Tropic Thunder.
  • I thought that the classic shot of Williem Dafoe’s good soldier with his arms in the air whilst being shot would be funny to me because of Ben Stiller in Tropic Thunder but it wasn’t. It really wasn’t. Its was horrible to watch and almost made me cry. It was unfair which is what war is all about.
  • It’s a great war movie and I would recommend it to anyone who loves American history and war movies. Though, to be honest, if you’re a fan of history or war movies, you’ve probably already seen this movie! However, younger generation, if you like Tropic Thunder [like I do] then you will really like this movie.



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